Course Information

Registration period
28 Jun 2022 (Tue) - 30 Sep 2022 (Fri)
HKD 2,250
Course Level
Study Mode
5 Day(s)

Course Overview

SketchUp Essentials


SketchUp is a premier 3D modelling software which is widely used in various sectors. With a strong and simple-to-learn toolset, it empowers users to create a wide range of drawings such as architectural, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, film and video game design. You can also contribute to Google Earth in which placing your models by SketchUp.

Course Highlights

  • Real-time teaching and learning, Q&A with the lecturer
  • Simple equipment: computer installed with SketchUp Free
  • Demonstrated and practised on 2D and 3D drawings

What You’ll Learn

Course Content

1. Introduction to SketchUp
    a. Interface
        - Toolbars, setting, windows, layers
    b. Navigation and Axis
        - Move, walk, turn, etc
    c. Extension, warehouse

2. Start Drawing
    a. Essential drawing tools 1 (line, circle, rectangle…etc)
    b. Essential drawing tools 2 (offset, push/pull, tape measure… etc)

3. Materials and Texture
    a. Material window
    b. 3D warehouse
    c. Application, adjustment and editing of materials

4. Scene Setting and Animation
    a. Set a scene
    b. Light and shadow
    c. Create section views

5. Visualization
    a. Setting Styles
    b. Export 2D/3D drawings


Apps Required for Online Class:

1. SketchUp Free
2. Microsoft Teams
    MS Teams can be found from the locations below.
    -  Microsoft website
    -  Apple Apps Store
    -  Google Play


1. VTC 可因應情況取消任何課程、修正課程內容或更改開辦課程的院校/分校/上課地點。

2. VTC將於2022年2月24日起推行「疫苗通行證」措施,請參閱「COVID-19資訊坊」的通告及進入本局院校和課程開辦地點的安排。

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