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Certificate Course on the Accounting and Finance for Managers

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Course Information

  • 11 Oct 2022 (Tue)
Registration period
3 Aug 2022 (Wed) - 11 Oct 2022 (Tue)
Course Level
Study Mode
30 Hour(s)
Cantonese, English
8 Hoi Wang Road Mongkok

Course Overview

Business executives will usually find some and perhaps ALL of the following situations in their work:

  1. Having a difficult time answering questions about costs of business
  2. Having trouble on keeping track of business income and expenditure
  3. Having oversight of key points in company financial statements
  4. Having difficulty to explain the full story of company annual reports
  5. Misunderstanding business data, facts and figures
  6. Failing to justify budgets prepared
  7. Failing to justify the validity of business decisions

Are you familiar with the said situations? Have you ever been frustrated because of insufficient financial and accounting knowledge?

The Association has specifically designed this course to help you. The course covers seven major areas of accounting and finance; you will learn and be familiar with ALL the essentials of the said areas.


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
- Describe financial matters in proper accounting language.
- Use generally accepted accounting principles when preparing income and expense reports.
- Spot the key points in a financial statement.
- Analyse company annual reports.
- Finance a business using both internal and external sources.
- Prepare business and financial budgets.
- Fit profit planning into the budget.
- Evaluate the value of a business.

What You’ll Learn

Contents :

1. How to speak the right Language to get the financial (accounting) story across
- Definitions
- Terms
- Numbers, the common language of business
- The function of accounting
- Fundamentals of accounting
- Accounting for business transactions

2. How to use the generally accepted accounting principles when preparing income and expense reports
- The environment of financial accounting
- Basic accounting principles
- Application of accounting principles
- Structure of financial statements

3. How to really understand a company annual report
- Role of the shareholders
- Equity vs debt financing
- Business plan, management, control, and development
- Auditors’ report

4. How to spot the key points in financial statements
- Income statement
- Balance sheet
- Cash flow statement
- Changes in owners’ equity statement
- Ratio analysis

5. How to finance a business
- Cash forecasting
- Forecasting working capital needs
- Short term financing
- Medium and long term financing
- Equity financing

6. How to fit profit planning into your budgeting
- The tools of profit planning
- Break-even analysis
- Contribution accounting
- Budgeting as a process
- The structure of the master budget

7. How to evaluate the value of your business
- Capital budgeting
- Principles of capital expenditure evaluation
- ROI and profit goals
- Coping with risk and uncertainty


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