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Advanced Certificate Course on Project Management for Project Managers and Engineers

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Course Information

  • 12 Oct 2022 (Wed)
Registration period
3 Aug 2022 (Wed) - 12 Oct 2022 (Wed)
Course Level
Study Mode
30 Hour(s)
HKMA Li Ka-shing College of Professional & Continuing Education 8 Hoi Wang Road, Mongkok (West) KOWLOON

Course Overview

In order to remain competitive in today’s turbulent and fast changing environment as well as meeting the need for expertise on project management, incumbent Project Managers and Engineers have to enhance their knowledge and sharpen their skills of adopting effective tools and techniques in running the project successfully. This course will explore those essential tools and techniques on project practitioner’s perspective, in particular the soft and hard skills in different phases of the Project Development Cycle, which are being ignored or not functioning properly in most critical projects of various industries, such as construction, Information Technology, sales and services etc. It will highlight the most common and effective means to overcome the difficulties on running projects and the ways to put it on track. The course comprises theories, case studies, exercise and experience sharing that would certainly help Managers and Engineers to polish and improve their project management know-how and techniques in tackling day-to-day problems.



  • Incumbent Project Managers, project Engineers, Project Team Members, project office supporters and those involved in project works, who want to enhance and refresh their knowledge and skills.
  • Potential or new Project Managers, who haven’t formal training and much experience in project management
  • but need to embark on the career immediately, such as those in the construction and I.T. industries.
  • Goods and services undertakers for construction, manufacturing and production, healthcare service, creative services, environmental protection, who want to understand the project process of their clients and customers in the supply chain management.
  • Students and fresh graduates who want to take up career in project management.
  • All others who are interested in project management methodologies and implementation techniques that can help them in their daily job assignment.

What You’ll Learn

A Project Initiation, Design and Planning
1. Essence of Project Management
2. Project Development Cycle Interpretation
3. Key project management processes
4. Idea generation, visualization and formulation
5. Statement of Understanding (SOW) preparation for initiating the project
6. Project manual compliance for management approval
7. Establish ways to obtain management’s empowerment and authorization
8. Project approval criteria in fi nancial aspects
9. Developing a adaptive hierarchical structure for project offi ce
B Project Performance, Monitoring and Control
1. Developing the master baseline plan
2. Formulating a capital cost plan for a project
3. Simple WBS construction to calculate project costing
4. Constructing the Gantt Chart, PERT Chart for project planning
5. Cash fl ow project and analysis by Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Benefi t Cost Ratio
(B/C) using MS Excel.
6. Risk and uncertainty analysis and control
7. Decision making calculation on trade-off using decision matrix and assumption rating method
8. Construct the team responsibility matrix against the WBS
9. Eff ective time-cost monitoring and control by milestones setting, Earned Value Methodology (EVM) and trend
10. Explore the project manager’s dilemma for conducting project meeting
11. Quality statistical control and essence of six sigma
C Project End Review and Leadership
1. Knowledge management for project offi ce by ‘lesson learnt’ analysis.
2. Teamwork and leadership building
3. Personal time management

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