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CPA Australia - The CPA Program

In today’s fast-moving world and varying business process it is of paramount important that individuals are well equipped with boarder skillsets to undertake challenging job roles.

The CPA Program is one of the most prestigious and highly regarded programs in the world. CPA Australia members are supported in a flexible study program that develops their accounting, business and leadership skills. It is also a golden opportunity for you to advance your career and attract the respect of global business leaders. It will develop your skills and knowledge to successfully manage a rapidly changing business world. 

Apart from practising accounting career, CPA Australia equips our members with expertise spanning across financial planning, digital finance, leadership, business strategy and more. Over 75% of CPA Australia members work in non-accounting sectors while 25% of them are in senior leadership roles in Hong Kong.

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What You’ll Learn

The CPA Program

The CPA Program includes four compulsory subjects, two electives and an experience component that will give you the skills to stand out in the real business world.

Compulsory Subjects

Ethics and Governance
Learn how to apply ethical principles and the key corporate governance concepts and mechanisms.
Financial Reporting
We'll teach you how to apply accounting standards, interpret financial reports, and understand their business impacts.
Strategic Management Accounting
Learn how management accounting provides the data critical to business decision making processes. This subject progresses to cover the role of the management accountant in business strategy.
Global Strategy and Leadership
In the capstone subject, you'll use strategic analysis to address complex business issues in a competitive and uncertain business environment.


Elective subjects

If you have completed recognised studies in taxation and auditing, you can choose any two elective subjects.

If you haven't completed recognised studies in taxation, you'll need to select Australia Taxation or your local variant where available.

If you haven't completed recognised studies in audit, you'll need to select Advanced Audit and Assurance.

Australia Taxation
Understand and apply the fundamental principles of Australian tax law affecting individuals, business and investment entities. Local tax subjects are available for Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand.
Advanced Audit and Assurance
This subject will focus on both external and internal audit procedures. It will ensure you understand the audit process and can apply international standards to complex audits.
Financial Risk Management
This subject will help you to identify the financial risks facing businesses and understand the key mechanisms and frameworks used to address and manage these risks.
Contemporary Business Issues
Analyse and evaluate the role of the CPA in contemporary business and how the accounting profession continues to evolve.
Digital Finance
This subject explores the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and navigate the complex world of digital finance.

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