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Data-driven Storytelling for Executives

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Course Information

  • 25 Apr 2023 (Tue) - 26 Apr 2023 (Wed) 2:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Registration period
4 Jan 2023 (Wed) - 13 Apr 2023 (Thu)
HKD 4,700
(Regular Rate:HK$4,700
Early Bird Rate:(by 24 March 2023)HK$3,700
HKUST Alumni# or Corporate rate/Group participation*:HK$2,900

# including participants of our open programs
* 3 or more concurrent registrations)
Course Level
Study Mode
2 Day(s)
Clear Water Bay campus

Course Overview

Data-driven Storytelling for Executives

Companies are increasingly flooded with customer and other data collected from different touch points. Data can help you make more informed decisions and do so confidently. In addition to leveraging data for better decision making, you can use data to communicate complex ideas with clarity, precision and efficiency. How to turn data into insights and informed decisions? How to interpret stories backed up by data? How to detect potential biases in data analysis? How to use data to tell stories that can resonate with stakeholders and customers?

Program Objectives
This program discusses how managers can analyze data, use them to make decisions, communicate complex ideas with data and interpret stories backed up by data. It provides participants with a set of skills to understand how to summarize data, design analyses, interpret results from data analytics, identify biased data and results, and tell a convincing story with data.

  • Understand each stage of data analytics, including the most common biases in them, and be familiar with how to interpret results from data analytics
  • Be familiar with communication with data and use them to tell a convincing story
  • Learn the best practice to incorporate data in storytelling

What You’ll Learn

Program Content

Defining data analysis

  • − What are major stages in data analytics?
  • − What do data mean for storytelling?
  • − Advantage and disadvantage of telling a story with data

Correlation and causality

  • − Understand the difference between correlation and causality
  • − How to test for causality and tell a convincing story
  • Same data, different stories
  • − Heterogeneity and incompleteness
  • − Different choices in data analyses lead to opposite conclusions

Best practice in data-driven decision making and storytelling with data

  • − Select a representative sample for data collection
  • − How to find patterns from data?
  • − Use the right tool for data analysis
  • − Tell a convincing story with data


Who Should Attend
Executives that intend to make data driven decision making, to improve storytelling with data, and to use data analysis to convince stakeholders including employees, other managers and customers.

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