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ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management Systems Internal Auditor Training Course

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Course Information

  • 5 Oct 2020 (Mon) - 6 Oct 2020 (Tue) 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • 10 Dec 2020 (Thu) - 11 Dec 2020 (Fri) 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Registration period
24 Aug 2020 (Mon) - 9 Dec 2020 (Wed)
HKD 4,000
Course Level
Study Mode
2 Day(s)
Units 303&305, 3/F, Building 22E, Phase 3, Hong Kong Science Park, Pak Shek Kok, N.T, Hong Kong

Course Overview


This Course is certificated by the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) and International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA); Course Certification Number, 2023 – PT 252.

Learners who successfully complete this ISO 22000:2018 Internal Auditor course will satisfy part of the formal training requirements for initial certification as an CQI / IRCA Certificated FSMS Internal Auditor.

Other requirements for certification are outlined in

The Course is owned by and certificated as SGS United Kingdom Ltd. and is provided internationally as SGS Systems and Business Enhancement.


The objective of this Course is to provide Leaners with the knowledge and skills required to perform an internal audit of part of a FSMS based on ISO 22000 (or equivalent) and report on the effective implementation and maintenance of the management system in accordance with ISO 19011 and to contribute to the continual improvement of the FSMS.

The Course refers to ISO 22000:2018 as the management system standard that provides the context for internal audit.  However, this Course does not address ISO 2200:2018 in detail.


Upon completion of this Course, Learners will be able to:

  • With reference to the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, explain the process-based FSMS model for ISO 22000, and the role of internal audit in the maintenance and improvement of FSMS.
  • Explain the role and responsibilities of an auditor to plan, conduct, report and follow up an internal FSMS audit, in accordance with ISO 19011.
  • Plan, conduct, report and follow up an internal audit of part of a FSMS based on ISO 22000 and in accordance with ISO 19011.

Learners will need to demonstrate acceptable performance in these areas to complete the course successfully.


What you'll learn


Before starting this course, Learners are expected to have the following prior knowledge:

Management systems

  • Understand the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.

Food Safety management

  • A basic knowledge of the concepts of food safety management including – HACCP, hazard analysis, hazard and risk assessment and management etc. and the relationship between food safety management and customer satisfaction and customer food safety requirements.
  • Understand commonly used food safety management terms and definitions, as given in ISO 22000.

ISO 22000

  • An understanding of the requirements of ISO 22000 which may be gained by completing a CQI / IRCA certified FSMS Foundation training course or equivalent.

Location: TBC

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