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  • 26 Apr 2021 (Mon) - 28 Jun 2021 (Mon) 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • 7 May 2021 (Fri) - 30 Jun 2021 (Wed) 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 7 May 2021 (Fri) - 28 Jun 2021 (Mon) 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • 8 May 2021 (Sat) - 12 Jun 2021 (Sat) 9:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Registration period
20 Apr 2021 (Tue) - 7 May 2021 (Fri)
HKD 7,200
(HK$6,980 - HK$7,200)
Course Level
Study Mode
24 Hour(s)
Room 603 Dominion Centre, 43-59 Queen's Road East Wanchai, Hong Kong

Course Overview

Why learning Data Science? Data Science involves principles, processes and techniques for understanding the effects and outcomes via analysis of data. It helps companies to make decision on data and not purely on intuition. The benefits of this data-driven decision-making have been concluded by research from MIT. To individuals, it opens a wider job opportunity and boosts your career.

Python is a programming language and widely used in the fields of AI and Data Science. It is easy to learn and has a lot free data science libraries. In the course, we will walk through the various stages and learn how to use the Python ecosystem, libraries like- NUMPY, SCIPY, PANDAS, SCIKIT-LEARN, matplotlib, to prepare and process data, to predict or classify data. Finally you will learn how to wrap up everything we learn and put them into work by constructing your own machine learning system.

The course is suitable for data analysts, data science or finance students or Excel users require computations on large datasets.


What you'll learn

What You'll Learn :

  • Intalling Python
  • Working with variableds and data
  • Working with Lists and Tuples
  • If and Conditional Statements
  • Data Preparation and loading
  • Data Processing with Pandas
  • Dictionaries
  • Getting user Input
  • Functions
  • Working with Modules
  • Using Python's standard modules
  • Working with files
  • Errors handling
  • Data Processing with Numpy
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning


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