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Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

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Course Information

  • Sep 2021 - Jun 2023
Registration period
16 Aug 2021 (Mon) - 20 Aug 2021 (Fri)
HKD 151,330 CEF Reimbursable Scholarship Available
(Local Student's Total tuition fee for two years
(Credits: 66-74)

Non Local Student's Total tuition fee for two years
(Credits: 66-74)

Study Mode
2 Year(s)
Cantonese, English
PolyU Hung Hom Bay Campus

Course Overview

Why this programme?

  • Articulation rate nearly 98% in 2020
  • Equips you with professional skills and knowledge for further academic and career development
  • Laboratory support from PolyU
  • Keeps you abreast of the latest trends in the field

This programme offers practical training modules to help you develop generic skills and broad-based knowledge of Mechanical Engineering as well as lifelong learning abilities. Through collaboration with engineering firms, engineering design offices and related industries in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, this programme provides internship opportunities to enhance your engineering capabilities and facilitate your career development.

For programme details, please visit: http://www.hkcc-polyu.edu.hk/prog/hd_me

What You’ll Learn

Curriculum Structure

You are required to take, in two years, 22 - 24 subjects in total, comprising 5 General Education Subjects and 17 - 19 Discipline-specific Subjects.

General Education Subjects

3 Compulsory Subjects

  • Academic English (Science and Technology) I OR English for Academic Studies (Science and Technology) I
  • Academic English (Science and Technology) II OR English for Academic Studies (Science and Technology) II
  • Chinese Communication for College Students (Cantonese Version) C OR Chinese Communication for College Students (Putonghua Version) C OR Elementary Chinese E & C ~


2 Elective Subjects # (from the following cluster areas)

  • Community, Organisation and Globalisation
  • History, Cultures and World Views
  • Human Nature, Relations and Development
  • Language and Communication
  • Science, Technology and Environment


For the full list of more than 15 General Education subjects, please visit: http://www.hkcc-polyu.edu.hk/GEsubjects/8C118


Discipline-specific Subjects

16 - 18 Compulsory Subjects

  • Applied Computing for Engineers
  • Appreciation of Manufacturing Processes
  • Basic Electricity and Electronics
  • Calculus
  • Computer and Engineering Fundamentals
  • Computer Programming
  • Engineering Design Fundamentals
  • Engineering Materials
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Engineering Mechanics I
  • Engineering Mechanics II
  • Engineering Project
  • Environmental and Energy Engineering
  • Foundation Physics*
  • Introduction to Linear Algebra*
  • Introduction to Probability and Statistics*
  • Project Management for Engineers
  • Thermofluids


1 Elective Subject # (from the following subjects)

  • Computer Aided Engineering Design
  • Mechanical Services


~Students who are non-Chinese speakers, or whose Chinese standards are at junior secondary level or below are required to take this subject.


#Offering of individual elective subjects is subject to resources and quota availability.

Medium of Instruction: Most subjects are taught in English, although due to their nature and objectives, some subjects are taught in Chinese. Language subjects are taught in the language in question.

E & C English and Chinese
C        Chinese

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