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Introduction To Personality Disorder - Certificate

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HKD 77
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2 Hour(s)

Course Overview

Another excellent course by Kevin O'Doherty, author, psychologist, cognitive behavior therapist and expert witness. The course is suitable for anyone with a personal or professional interest in personality disorder. Made up of high quality video presentations, handouts, power-point slides, tasks and exercises and case studies, the course is packed with information that will help you understand this fascinating subject. The course looks at the origins of personality disorder, the development of "normal" personality, causes of personality disorder, assessment and diagnosis pf personality disorder, treatments and interventions for personality disorder, professional working standards and practices, boundaries for staff and personal safety.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who works in mental health settings
  • Anyone working in health and social care settings
  • Anyone with a personal or professional interest in Personality Disorder

Basic knowledge

  • No previous knowledge or experience in working with Personality Disorder is required
  • An interest in the subject

What You’ll Learn

  • State what is personality disorder?
  • Understand the development of personality disorder
  • Understand basic theories of personality development
  • Know about some of the origins and causes of personality disorder
  • Be familiar with how personality disorder is assessed and diagnosed
  • Work through a number of tasks and case studies
  • Have a greater understanding of some of the treatment options available

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