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Telepathic Healing 101

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HKD 77
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5 Hour(s)

Course Overview

In Telepathic Healing 101 you will find Practical Course on Healing through secret "mind-to-mind" communication and a way to apply the ancient Chinese Art of organ-emotion healing, Emile Coue healing, autogenic healing and more. This way of interacting with a person needing a healing of the mind, body, or spirit is fully integrate-able with any healing modality you my be using. Or it can be used on its own to amazing effect. It is simple and straightforward. You will learn to use your latent telepathic sense to heal or speed up healing. The principles learned herein will have wider applications beyond healing.

Who is the target audience?

  • Modern medicine practitioners, alternative healers, and friends wishing to a healing presence will benefit from this course

Basic knowledge

  • These are the basics of Telepathic Healing. So there are no prerequisites needed except an open mind

What You’ll Learn

  • Students will learn the basics of using telepathy to perform healings, and speed healing and have an amazing healing bedside manner. They will also have a way to apply telepathically the Chinese Qi Gong art of organ-emotion healing of the mind, body, and spirit, and other healing systems also

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