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ACA Cloud Native Exam Preparation Course

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Course Information

Registration period
14 Jan 2021 (Thu) - 13 Jan 2022 (Thu)
HKD 1,543
((HKD 7.68))
Study Mode
11 Day(s)

Course Overview

This course demonstrates how to use Alibaba Cloud Container Service and Container Registry Service to design and develop architectures related to cloud native applications, services, and security solutions. This course helps you understand the basic concepts of cloud native, the commercial implementation of container technology and Kubernetes technology as well as extra benefits provided by Alibaba Cloud. This course is intended to prepare users to take the Alibaba Cloud Native ACA certification exam.

Recommended For
Cloud Native Solution Architect, Container Operation Engieer, Cloud Native Application Developer

What you'll learn

  • Free Lesson1:Introduction of Alibaba Cloud Native Solution
  • Lesson2:Introduction to Alibaba Cloud Container Registry 
  • Lesson3:Migrate Application to Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes
  • Lesson4:Hybrid/Multi Cloud Management
  • Lesson5:Resource Orchestration with Terraform and Helm
  • Lesson6:DevOps Best Practice with ACK and ACR
  • Lesson7:Saving Cost with Autoscaling on ACK
  • Lesson8:Build AI/Machine Learning on Kubernetes
  • Lesson9:Security Solutions on ACK
  • Lesson10:Serverless ACK
  • Lesson11:Resource Observability

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