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Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Media and Social Communication

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Course Information

  • Sep 2021 - Jun 2023
Registration period
20 Jan 2021 (Wed) - 17 Jun 2021 (Thu)
HKD 170,280 CEF Reimbursable Scholarship Available
(Local: HKD85,140 per year; Non-local: HKD98,340 per year. Students are required to complete 66 units in two years at HKD2,580 per unit (local) / HKD2,980 per unit (non-local) (Total HKD170,280 for local / HKD196,680 for non-local).

The annual tuition fee is paid in two equal installments, normally before the start of the first and the second semesters. For newly enrolled undergraduate students, HKD15,000 of the first installment plus some fees will have to be paid by the applicants for acceptance of their admission offers and the balance will have to be paid in late August. Students are required to pay full tuition fees per semester during the normal period of study, regardless of the number of units enrolled in the semester.

For students who are required to take make-up course(s) to fulfill the programme pre-requisites and/or GE courses, additional tuition fee for the make-up course(s) will be charged at HKD1,735 per unit.)
Study Mode
2 Year(s)

Course Overview

Programme Features

  • A non-government-funded honours undergraduate programme.
  • A full-time programme which is normally completed in two years.
  • Develop students' understanding of media communication process in the context of changing society and media environment, and their understanding of such process in the trend of globalisation.
  • Develop students' social consciousness and their sensitivity to the social, cultural and environmental issues in the changing society with both local and global communication perspectives.
  • Develop students' ability to use media and communication strategies to promote the well-being of human, thus contribute actively to positive social change.
  • Develop students' specific skills required for planning, organising and implementing communication activities for good social causes.
  • Develop students' ability to identify opportunities for corporations, public agencies and volunteer organisations to initiate communication projects related to corporate social responsibility and positive development of the society.

Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Media and Social Communication awarded by Hong Kong Baptist University

Career Prospects
The programme will equip graduates with academic training and advanced practical skills in media communication for pursuing careers in a wide array of professions. They include public relation officers specialising in corporate social responsibility; communicators in volunteer organisations and public agencies; editors, journalists and columnists in social news section; and welfare advocates and lobbyists of interest groups.

What you'll learn

Programme Structure
The four-year undergraduate programme requires students to complete a total of 128 units, including 66 units of Major Courses (with a 3-unit General Education Capstone course listed under the Category of Major Core Courses), 13 units of University Core Courses, 15 units of General Education Courses and 34 units of Free Elective Courses. Students with Associate Degree or Higher Diploma qualifications will normally be admitted directly into the third year of study to complete the programme in two years.

Specifically, students are required to complete 54 units of Major Core Courses and 12 units of Major Elective Courses.

Major Core Courses (54 units)
Major Elective Courses (12 units)

Remark: Individual courses may use Chinese as the course content requires.

University Core (13 units)
The University Core is a requirement in the undergraduate curriculum which aims at providing students with the essential and transferable knowledge and skills that help them lead successful lives both during and following their university education, and ultimately supporting the University’s commitment to develop the Graduate Attributes among students.

  • University English♦
  • University Chinese♦
  • Healthy Lifestyle♦
  • The Art of Persuasion♦

General Education (15 units)
The General Education (GE) Programme provides the foundation of a well-rounded university education. The goal of the programme is to promote Whole Person Education (WPE) through exposure to a range of transferable skills, guiding principles, and attitudes that all students will need in their future professional and personal lives.

Level 1 Foundational Courses#
Level 2 Interdisciplinary Thematic Courses
♦For Associate Degree & Higher Diploma applicants, a block transfer of University Core Courses will be granted.

#For Associate Degree applicants, block transfer of 3 out of 9 units will be granted. They have to take two 3-unit courses in two different categories.

Free Elective Courses (34 units)
Free Elective Courses are normally exempted for Associate Degree / Higher Diploma graduates seeking for year 3 entry.


  1. The number of courses/units the students are required to complete will depend on the number of courses/units for which exemption and/or unit transfer will be granted. All unit transfer or course exemption shall be considered on a case-by-case basis upon admission. Students are required to complete all programme pre-requisites and GE courses to meet the graduation requirement.
  2. Unit transfer equivalent to 28 units of University Core and GE courses will be considered by the Programme on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Make-up courses may be required on admission.
  4. Students are required to complete a non-credit bearing University Life programme.

Skills covered in this course

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