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  • 11 Mar 2021 (Thu) 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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22 Jan 2021 (Fri) - 10 Mar 2021 (Wed)
HKD 129
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1 Hour(s)

Course Overview

This workshop is designed to give you guidance, tools, and techniques for simplifying complex information when presenting to diverse audiences. Backed by research, you’ll explore processes and strategies for not only making complex information more clear, but more compelling. You’ll walk away with best practices for support materials, visuals, and presentation delivery that will prepare you for tomorrow’s communication needs.

When preparing presentations, we often neglect to consider our topic from the audience’s point of view. We make assumptions about our listener’s level of understanding on a topic, and then fail to communicate in a way that achieves our desired result. Discover over 20 of the best practices for simplifying materials to reach all listeners – and keep them engaged.

Complex topics are “simply” a compilation of simple ideas. Sequence information in a logical way and use analogies to connect with what your audience already understands. Get your point across and help listeners understand a difficult concept by making it relevant and understandable.

What you'll learn

In this interactive, one-hour webinar, you’ll learn to present topics you know well but your audience considers complex. Discover the best approach for listeners so that they can more easily receive the information. Use a proven structure and leverage the power of analogies to effectively present multifaceted information.

1-hour webinar (New York Eastern Time | Delivered in English)

Skills covered in this course

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