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Higher Diploma in Business Administration

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Course Information

  • Sep 2021 - Sep 2023
Registration period
25 Jan 2021 (Mon) - 31 Aug 2023 (Thu)
HKD 112,000
(HK$56000 Tuition Fee per year)
Study Mode
2 Year(s)

Course Overview

Programme Feature
Higher Diploma in Business Administration (HDBA) is a comprehensive and broad-based business programme that focuses on integrating academic theories with real-life applications in the commercial world.

The first year of study provides students with an integrated view of various generic and business functions in the commercial environment.

In the second year, students will then take up a specialized study theme for a more in-depth training in the different areas in business studies. Study themes include:

  • Accounting and Finance (2+1 Degree Articulation)
  • Management (2+1 Degree Articulation)
  • International Business (2+1 Degree Articulation)

Programme Objective

This programme is designed to:

provide students with a broad-based education in business administration, with specialties in accounting and finance, management and international business. Students will be provided with a solid foundation of knowledge including that in management, economics and finance. Students opting for the Accounting and Finance Stream will be equipped with knowledge in law, taxation, financial accounting and management accounting, while those studying in the Management Stream will learn the different aspects of management theories and concepts and their applications in various scenarios. Those taking the international business Stream will be equipped with knowledge in the domains of international business (with a focus on Asia Pacific region).

What you'll learn

  • Introduction to Academic English
  • Practical Chinese
  • Project Skills
  • Professional Ethics
  • English for Business Communication
  • Business Information System
  • Chinese for Business Communication
  • Statistic
  • Computing
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Marketing
  • Leadership
  • Management of Organisational Behaviour
  • Finance
  • Hong Kong Law
  • Economics

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