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Introduction To Animation

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Course Information

Registration period
3 Mar 2021 (Wed) - 2 Jun 2021 (Wed)
HKD 78
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US$ 49.99 (Regular Price))
Course Level
Study Mode
12.50 Hour(s)

Course Overview


Animation comes from the Latin words “anima,” which means “life,” and “animare” which means “to breathe life into” Animation consists of still images (called “frames”) with slight differences between them. When viewed together in a sequence, they give the illusion of motion – like a flipbook.

When thinking about Animation projects, what first comes to mind?

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in exploring the world of computer generated animation

Basic knowledge

  • There are no prerequisites or previous knowledge needed for in order to take this course

What will you learn

  • Build animated films and cartoons by compiling a series of still images (frames). Will also be versed in using animation for video games, interactive media, event reconstruction and many other uses
  • Learn how to explain difficult concepts in a visual way

What you'll learn

This is a 2D animation/animation principles course. This program utilizes Adobe Flash/Animate. During this course, our instructor will guide you systematically through the following topics:

  • 2D Traditional
  • 2D Tra-Digital
  • 2D Puppet/Limited
  • Stop Motion
  • Motion Media
  • Animation Terms
  • Frame
  • Frame Rate: FPS (Frames per second)
  • Hold
  • Cycles
  • Rotoscope
  • The 12 Principles of Animation
  • Bouncing Ball – Timing and Spacing. Keyframes, Breakdowns and In- Betweens
  • Keyframes, Breakdowns and In-Betweens
  • Squash and Stretch
  • Pendulum
  • Flag Wave/Fabrics
  • Using Anticipation, Exaggeration and Balance to show Weight
  • Breaking a character down into basic shapes for animation
  • How to Create a Boil
  • Using staggered frames to imply coughing, laughing, shaking
  • Takes
  • Head Turn
  • Walk Cycle
  • Run Cycle
  • Dialogue/Changing Expressions
  • Quadruped Walk
  • Beginning Puppet Animation: Creating and Animating Symbols
  • Creating a Simple Puppet
  • Creating a Character Puppet
  • Testing your Puppet with a Walk Cycle
  • Nesting Graphics and Creating interchangeable Parts
  • Importing Sounds and Animating to them


Skills covered in this course

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