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Digital Painting | Powerful Fundamentals For New Artists

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HKD 78
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4 Hour(s)

Course Overview


This course was carefully designed to teach you the powerful fundamentals of drawing to unlock your true creative abilities.

Easily create anything from your imagination by learning simple and powerful techniques on form, lighting, color, perspective, and so much more! Feel free to use traditional drawing tools, iPad/tablet or Photoshop to follow along in this course. The techniques and lessons we teach here are the building blocks to your success as a digital artist.

We make learning how to draw incredibly easy and fun as you follow along with each lesson taught by our master instructors here at the School of Game Design.

Join thousands of our students from around the world as you begin your path to unlocking your incredible drawing skills.

Don't just stop here! We have more digital painting courses for you to grow into the master concept artist we know you can become!

Basic knowledge

  • No prior knowledge is necessary to follow along with this course

What You’ll Learn

What will you learn

  • How to draw clean lines
  • A deeper understanding of Color Theory
  • Blending and shading techniques
  • Create 2D and 3D shapes and volumes
  • Full understanding of drawing with perspective
  • Better knowledge of good composition and framing
  • Build useful Thumbnails and Landscapes

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