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Personal Finance For Everyone: Insights For Managing Your Money Well From An Award Wining Investment Banker

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1 Feb 2021 (Mon) - 9 Aug 2021 (Mon)
HKD 117
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3.50 Hour(s)

Course Overview


Ann's Story (Must Read):

Ann recall the first time She got her credit card. She was just so excited about having that little colorful square card that would allow her to buy whatever She wanted. She started overspending. That's when she remembered She just didn't know how to use it (beyond, of course, swiping it on the checkout/payment counter). Until She destroyed her credit reputation, which She knew was a very real possibility, She did the least came to a resort and learned about personal finance. That's typically what happens when it comes to her and money — when She actually paid bills, figuring out how much rent she could afford and getting a regular paycheck, She always picked up the phone to ask anyone (really anyone!... no one had an answer) to explain to her, say, what a security deposit was, or how to make automatic payments to my account, what is minimum amount due, math behind the numbers for investing and credit facilities (loan) and more...Well, rather than relying on your family and friends to constantly explain to you everything (not exactly they themselves know) you need to know, Can she afford to go to top B-school to learn about money... Sorry, but they don't teach you how to manage your money.why not try an easy, course?

Disclaimer: The information provided in this course should not be used as financial advise or recommendation, neither it should be viewed as a financial promotional or affiliation tool or advertisement nor it supports or endorse any tools or company illustrated throughout the course, should not be substituted for consulting a financial advisor, planner or allied professional in the applicable jurisdictions. This course outline the broad road map to manage your personal finance. The author or Simpliv disclaim the liability or any damage, risk, loss or obligations incurred directly or indirectly. The situation is dynamic and can change anytime due to various factors. The author is directly or indirectly or otherwise is not under obligation, risk or liability due to use of information given in this course.

Basic knowledge

  • No pre-requisite
  • Curiosity to make your life better
  • Appetite for little humor
  • Ms-Excel (Microsoft Excel) 2007 or above recommended (Windows / Mac)

What You’ll Learn

  • Section - I : Presonal Finance Concepts
  • Section-II : Learn the Irresistlble Rules of Money
  • Section-III : Behavioral Finance & Behavioral Investing
  • Section - IV : Risk Profilling & Asset Allocation
  • Section - V : Financial Planner & Robo-advisory
  • Section - VI : Specific Goal Planning & Time Value of Money
  • Section - VII : Credit Facilities
  • Section - VIII : Credit Rating, Credit Score & Credit Report
  • Section - IX : 10 Pro Moneyh Tips to Memorize


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