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Getting The Body You Want By Understanding The Body You Have

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2 Feb 2021 (Tue) - 2 May 2021 (Sun)
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2.50 Hour(s)

Course Overview


Maintaining normal weight becomes more difficult as we get older, even if we are eating the same foods as we did when we were young. Making healthy food choices are often difficult because our stress levels are higher and our lives busy. We are constantly exposed to foods that claim to be healthy, yet are not and we are unaware of what 'fat' foods we may unwittingly be eating, as well as habits and patterns we may have developed over time, that together ruin our chances to become slim, or stay slim.

This course explains exactly what happens on a cellular, hormonal and metabolic level, in easy to understand layman's terms, when we eat certain foods. It explains what hormones are released in all of us and how they can sabotage our attempts to lose weight. It also explains how the same hormones in one person may lead to more weight gain than they do in another person as well as some fundamental, resolvable challenges that cause us to crave certain foods.

Stress impacts very poorly on weight. This course explains why this happens in order to understand why it is not a luxury to take time off to de-stress but rather a health necessity and certainly a 'slimming' necessity.

'Getting the body you want' covers the 10 most commonly asked questions (and gives solutions) and explains the processes in the body. It gives detailed explanations so that when any diet is attempted, you will have a deep understanding of what is likely to work for you and your unique body. There is no 'one size fits all'. We have differing genes and abilities to metabolize food but the 10 solutions are all solutions that will benefit no matter what your unique genetic and hormonal mix may be. Each solution impacts positively on the hormones and metabolic processes in specific but overlapping ways, to lead you towards a healthy, slim and energetic body, without going hungry...ever! Health is a process, not a quick fix, and each of the solutions can be incorporated at your own pace to minimize the yoyo effect of dieting.

This increased understanding will, in turn, increase the sustainability of your weight loss.

What is offered on this course?

Over 50 lectures and 2.5 hours lecture time, including PDF's to download for easy reference when you are not online.

Information on how you gained the weight in the first place (and not just because you ate too much) and why it becomes more difficult to lose weight as you grow older

  • No calorie controlled diet
  • How to use food timing to manage your fat making hormones
  • How to use intermittent fasting so you can fast without feeling hungry
  • How to maximize exercise in just a few minutes a day
  • Know which foods to say yes to and which to say no, without feeling deprived


  • How a slim body processes food
  • How an overweight body processes food
  • Why you cannot lose the weight you have gained over time.
  • How our hormones sabotage our attempts to lose weight
  • How to control these hormones
  • Why you get exhausted and irritable on a diet
  • Why eating too little will make you fat
  • How to make 'weight loss' food choices in the real world
  • 10 specific, impactful actions to reverse your downward spiral

Who will benefit?

  • People who keep gaining, no matter what they do
  • Stubborn middle fat
  • People who feel tired and foggy when trying to lose weight
  • People who get fat even though they eat only a tiny amount
  • Busy people who cannot spend hours at gym
  • Parents who want to make good grounding choices for their children


What you'll learn

What will you learn 

  • Lose weight and keep it off by understanding exactly what happens inside the body as we gain weight and exactly what we need to change to lose it again. No calorie restricted limitations necessary. It's about 'what' we eat. Not how much
  • Understand how your own hormones can sabotage your weight loss efforts and what you can do to control them
  • Add 10 user friendly yet impactful steps to your lifestyle to turn your health around

Skills covered in this course

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