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Essentials Of The Professional Sports Business Management

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2 Feb 2021 (Tue) - 9 Aug 2021 (Mon)
HKD 78
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US$ 49.99 (Regular Price))
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Study Mode
4.50 Hour(s)

Course Overview


Certificate Progam on Sports Management is a must-have course for Sports Management as a Career and As a Business.


View of athletes and coaches, Hierarchy structure, better leadership, gender and leadership, sports leadership norms, leadership as a collective phenomenon, managing climate and culture.

Personal Sports and Organisational Sports Communication, Technology in Sports Communication, Socialisation in Sports.

Application of Material and Technology, Sport Performance Tools, Use of data for making strategic decisions that limit the maximum possible error. Consumption of information, wearables and quantification, gamification, and social media.

Managing the Event, Market Research, Event Report, Goal Setting, and Execution with 5Ws, Vendor Choosing, Creating an Event Blueprint, Setting Timeline.

Case Study, Complexity of Football Business and Communication as Sport Business

Essential Information of E-Sports a Gaming Business and it's EcoSystem, E-Sports Audience, and Effect of Role Models, Game and Teams of Sports Vs E-sports, Brand Involvements in E-sports, E-Sport Events - Marketing and Sponsorship and Team Valuation.

Career Options as an athlete and non-athlete in sports, who employs and professional terms.

Role and Skills of Sports Manager. GM Approach, Quality & Strategic Sports Business Planning and its Management, Performance Measures, Complexity and Decision Making in Sports Management.

Planning for Safety and Responsibility with the reference of the sports ground, Risk Assessment, Spectator safety policy, chain of command, stewarding plan, contingency and counter-terrorism plans, and safety audit.

Basic knowledge

  • Any Zealous candidate willing to grow as sports management leader

What you'll learn

What will you learn 

  • Leading a Sports Team or a Sports Club
  • Communication in Sports and Technology Use
  • Sports Performance Tools
  • Sports Event Management
  • Business of E-Sports
  • Career in Sports and Physical Education
  • Special Lecture on Football Business and Communication as Sport Business
  • Sports Organisation Management
  • Planning Safety in Sports

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