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Oracle Database On AWS: EC2 & RDS From Scratch

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Course Overview


I will be looking to delve deeper into the AWS Infrastructure and demystify the entire dilemma around Oracle Database on AWS.

We will take a main architecture diagram as base , where we shall create a custom VPC, which will have a Public Subnet & a Private Subnet. The Public Subnet will have access to the internet and we will have a test Oracle 18c XE Database and an Apache Webserver in this.

The Oracle 12c RDS Database will be created in Private Subnet and will have access only from Webserver. To achieve this our approach would be as follows:

We will start with the very basics like : What is Cloud Computing , What are the meanings of the important acronyms like IaaS/ PaaS/ SaaS, Top Cloud Vendors by Market Share.

A good understanding will be given about AWS Cloud , Sign-Up Process and Understanding the AWS Management Console.

We will be approaching our study from Architecture standpoint by doing a deep dive into the Architecture of AWS and discussing : Regions / AZ / VPC / Security Groups / EBS Voume / S3 Storage,

A number of demos will be done on the creation of Custom VPC , Secury Groups , EBS Disk , S3 Storage. A demo will be done showing the configuration of AWSCLI on Mac OS / Windows.

EC2: We will discuss the details on EC2 / What are AMI: Amazon Machine Images.

We will do a demo to create an EC2 Instance in Custom VPC , Install 18c XE on EC2 Instance, Backups/Recovery using RMAN Backups to S3 Storage.

RDS: What is RDS / RDS for Oracle , Backup/ Recovery , Monitoring , Oracle Vs RDS commands

A demo will be done on Deploying Oracle 12c Database in RDS , Patching the existing version of Oracle.

A Demo will show the creation of EC2 instance which will act as Apache Webserver , then we shall install Apache, PHP and show the entire process around PHP with OCI8 Connectivity.

We will also discuss what is REST API and using a tool Postman call an RDS REST API.

Basic knowledge

  • Basic Understanding of Oracle Databases

What You’ll Learn

What will you learn

  • What is Cloud Computing : IaaS/PaaS/SaaS
  • Top Cloud Vendors by Market Share
  • Introduction to Amazon Cloud , Free Tier, Offerings
  • Demo: Understanding AWS Management Console
  • Deep Dive into AWS Architecture
  • Discussing What are Regions / AZ / Security Groups / VPC / EBS / S3
  • Demo: Creating a Custom VPC / Security Group / EBS / S3
  • Demo: Configuring AWSCLI for Mac & Windows
  • What is EC2 / Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
  • Demo: Building an EC2 Machine in Custom VPC
  • Demo: Installation of Oracle 18c XE on EC2 Instance
  • Demo: Perform RMAN Backups / Restore using S3 Storage
  • What is Amazon RDS / RDS for Oracle
  • Understanding RDS Snapshots and Doing a Demo on Backup / Restore
  • Monitoring in RDS
  • Demo: Deploy an RDS Oracle 12c Database in Custom VPC
  • Demo: Patching an RDS Oracle Database
  • Demo: Installation of Apache Webserver & Perform PHP-Oracle Connectivity (OCI8)
  • Demo: Using Sqlplus Client to connect to RDS Oracle Database
  • Demos: Oracle vs RDS Commands
  • What is REST API ?
  • Demo: Using Postman a Demo on How to Call a REST API?

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