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HIKVISION CCTV Setup: Video Recorder, IP & HD Cameras, Perfect For Home, Home Business Or Small Business

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Course Overview

This HIKVISION Hybrid DVR Installation course provides information in a nutshell.

It gives you simple easy to follow steps you can take to setup DVR by yourself in your home, home business, or small business.

HIKVISION is one of the most popular brands on the market and is pretty reliable.

The DVR used in the course is a modern Hybrid DVR that handles HD & IP Cameras which gives

you great flexibility. This DVR can also handle cameras up to 5MP (megapixels) and comes in 4 cameras, 8 cameras, and 16 cameras versions.

I used this model as it is ideal security device for Home, Home Business or Small Business.

In the course I walk you through hardware connections (very simple) and setup required in the software (also very simple).

At this stage your should have your DVR working and HD cameras visible on the screen.

A part of hardware section are lessons about adding/replacing a hard drive in HIKVISION Hybrid DVR.

Some DVRs you buy with an HDD and some may require an HDD to be added.

In the next section I show you how to add IP Camera to that CCTV recorder.

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Basic knowledge

  • Basic DIY skills (and electrical)

What You’ll Learn

  • Complete Hikvision CCTV Setup from Scratch to Finish: Video Recorder, HD & IP Cameras
  • How to Connect Equipment Together
  • How to Do Internal Settings of Hybrid Digital Video Recorder
  • How to Add IP Camera to The Hybrid Digital Video Recorder

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