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Machine Learning With Python

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HKD 388
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1.50 Hour(s)

Course Overview

This is the bite size course to learn Python Programming for Machine Learning and Statistical Learning. In CRISP DM data mining process, machine learning is at the modeling and evaluation stage.

You will need to know some Python programming, and you can learn Python programming from my "Create Your Calculator: Learn Python Programming Basics Fast" course. You will learn Python Programming for machine learning and you will be able to train your own prediction models with naive bayes, decision tree, knn, neural network, linear regression, and evaluate your models very soon after learning the course.

I will create Applied statistics using Python for data understanding stage and advanced data visualizations for data understanding stage and includes some data processing for data preparation stage in future.

Basic knowledge

  • Computer Knowledge
  • Basic coding knowledge

What You’ll Learn


  • Getting Started
  • Getting Started 2
  • Getting Started 3
  • Getting Started 4
  • Data Mining Process
  • Download Data set
  • Read Data set
  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Build Linear Regression Modela: Train and Test set
  • Build and Predict Linear Regression Models
  • KMeans Clustering
  • KMeans Clustering in Python
  • Agglomeration Clustering
  • Agglomeration Clustering in Python
  • Decision Tree ID3 ALgorithm
  • Decision Tree in Python
  • KNN Classification
  • KNN in Python
  • Naive Bayes Classification
  • Naive Bayes in Python
  • Neural Network Classification
  • Neural Network in Python
  • What Algorithm to Use?
  • Model Evaluation
  • Model Evaluation using Python for Classification
  • Model Evaluation using Python for Regression

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