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Nursing Management And Leadership Course

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Course Information

Registration period
29 Jan 2021 (Fri) - 29 Apr 2021 (Thu)
HKD 78
(US$ 9.99 (Now)
US$ 49.99 (Regular Price))
Course Level
Study Mode
4.50 Hour(s)

Course Overview

This course provides a basic and general knowledge of Nursing Management and Leadership and describes the basic features of leadership and practical applications in terms of leadership, personal development and work experience. By following this course, you will make significant progress in Leadership and in your business life. This course, where leadership courses are taught through Nursing Management and Leadership, will open new doors for you in your business life.

Basic knowledge

  • Those who want to have knowledge about Nursing Management and Leadership should take this course

What you'll learn

  • When you finish this course, you will learn everything about Nursing Management and Leadership

Skills covered in this course

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