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5 Hour(s)

Course Overview

Customer Experience Management brings real business results through optimizing customer interactions in order to maximize the customer lifetime value. It’s used for example by Apple, Amazon and Google (we advice some of them too). A competitive advantage no longer comes from superior products or services only, it comes from personalized experiences: Customers want to get what they want, where they want and when they want with a smile.

Many businesses are struggling with this change ripping through the business world, because of old industrial-age mindsets. The first step to managing your customer experiences is to understand your customer at a deeper level. For this purpose we created Customer Experience Blueprint.

This course allows you to create a systematic and profound analysis of your customers, their expectations and psychological needs so you can boost revenue, decrease costs and improve customer service. This customer experience management course contains powerful tools, techniques and teachings to deepen your knowledge with customer emotions and other relevant aspects.

To simplify the course even further templates and videos are provided that guide you every step of the way, saving you time and energy when putting together your customer experience strategies.

After creating your first Customer Experience Blueprint with the help of the material this course provides, you will have a solid map to constantly improve your business results. This makes you a highly valuable member of your team and company.

Join the course and start creating you own customer experience management strategies TODAY!

Basic knowledge

  • No specific skills required, you will learn them on this course
  • Ability to think outside of the box
  • Interest to improve your business results or to learn how to do it
  • Open-minded on learning new breakthrough concepts and ideas
  • Basic business understanding
  • Basic customer experience and service understanding

What You’ll Learn

  • By the end of this course, you will be able to create, measure and improve a customer experience strategy for your brand or organization.
  • This course gives you a very intense kick-start for your customer strategy
  • Upon completing all sections, you will earn a certificate of completion.
  • This Simpliv course gives you valuable insights and handy files on customer experience strategy.
  • The material illustrates how every part of an organization is part of the customer service experience
  • You can start working on the Customer Experience right away!
  • Several new and effective ways to deepen your customer strategy
  • Learn how to leverage customer emotions for maximum experience
  • Create customer personas that will excite your employees to serve customers even better
  • Lifetime access to 27 lectures, 8 quizzes and 6 practical tools
  • Over 5 hours of high quality customer experience management content delivered by highly experienced business coaches

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