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MA Design, Innovation and Brand Management

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  • 8 Oct 2022 (Sat)
Registration period
9 Aug 2022 (Tue) - 8 Oct 2022 (Sat)
HKD 85,000
(Tuition fee for Members: HK$85,000;Tuition fee for Non-members:HK$85,000)
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Course Overview

An exciting opportunity to develop your professional skills and managerial capabilities, our MA Design, Innovation & Brand Management course gives you the opportunity to study a combined curriculum that will significantly enhance your skillset to become leading brand, design and innovation managers.

Our 16-month course encourages you to consider the value of branding in today’s competitive global environment, where organisations continue to compete in overcrowded markets. As consumers become more sophisticated and the plethora of products more similar, the need to differentiate through emotional attachment has become increasingly important, and this is where UCA’s bespoke MA Design, Innovation and Brand Management course steps in to help future leaders develop one-of-a-kind products and fresh campaign strategies.

The key to successful brand development is an understanding of its synergistic relationship with innovation. The popular view has been that branding is connected with logos, advertising and manipulation, whilst innovation is to do with more process-orientated development. UCA has developed this MA course to address all aspects of product design, brand management and the innovation factors that lie as a foundation for its success.

What You’ll Learn

Programme Structure and Assessment

The programme combined creative development with the innovative, high-level professional understanding needed to embrace the specialised leadership challenges and opportunities within the creative industries.

ModuleCreditsAssessment Components
Research and Communication40Portfolio
Creative Thinking20Written assignment and Oral Assessment
Professional Practice20Portfolio
Product & Prototyping40Portfolio
Final Project60Portfolio and Written report

100% coursework, no examinations.

Module Description

Research & Communication
(40 credits)
This unit enables students to undertake a focused and rigorous investigation into the purpose and process of research at postgraduate level within the field of Design, Innovation & Brand Management. Students will define, articulate and critically reflect upon the research concerns of their own practice during this unit.

Professional Practice
(20 credits)
Both theory and practice are embedded within this unit, and alongside the practice-based projects and connections, students will undertake a comprehensive investigation into the social, economic, political and cultural contexts of the discipline through a series of assignments.

Creative Thinking
(20 credits)
This unit introduces definitions and concepts of creativity. It allows students to explore what creativity is and reflect on methods of creativity with concepts of taste, consumer need, as well as user interface. Throughout this unit students will be required to implement creative processes using various techniques connected with the development of creative skills.

Product & Prototyping

(40 credits)
This unit will focus upon self-directed practice in which students will define and develop individual rationales and methods of working aimed at identifying, positioning and pre- realizing the Final Project. Research and practice will be directed and guided by a Literature Review and Project Proposal in which students negotiate and review practice with tutor. Prototyping ideas and concepts will allow you to build, visualize, learn, prove, and test design outcomes.

Final Project

(60 credits)
The Final Project is the culmination of students’ studies and will form an exposition of the central

ideas and concepts developed throughout the MA programme. The aim of the Final Project is to

demonstrate your professional acumen and efficiency, social awareness and be integrated within an

economic, social and cultural context. As such, it is an opportunity to resolve previous projects and demonstrate evidence of advanced conceptual, theoretical, and technical capability over a period of

self-directed study.

Graduation requirements
Upon successful completion of all 5 modules (total 180 credits), a Master of Arts Design, Innovation and Brand Management will be awarded by the University for the Creative Arts.

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