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  • 24 Apr 2023 (Mon)
Registration period
17 Nov 2022 (Thu) - 24 Apr 2023 (Mon)
HKD 73,400
(Tuition fee for Members: HK$73,400;Tuition fee for Non-members:HK$73,400)
Study Mode

Course Overview

The Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) jointly offers a top-up degree programme with the University of Greenwich. This bachelor degree programme not only aims to prepare students in strengthening their business and management knowledge but also to develop their analytical skills. This Greenwich bachelor degree programme is tailored specially for holders of Associate Degree, Higher Diploma, Advanced Diploma, and Professional Diploma, etc.

Why choose the University of Greenwich BA (Hons) Business Studies?

An express way for a Reputable UK Degree
The University of Greenwich is an internationally recognized university. The programme is a fully accredited British undergraduate university degree.

Upgrading your academic qualification in 8 or 12 months
Students can complete the programme in 8 months with 4 modules (Year 3 Entry) or 12 months with 6 modules (Year 2 Entry).

Different Specializations
Students can choose to study a specialization module from a range of elective options including Business Studies, Digital Marketing, E-Business, Events Management, Finance, Human Resource Management and Logistics.

Fully taught by experienced local associate faculty
The programme is taught by local experienced associate faculty with local, innovative and practical knowledge and therefore participants can easily apply what they have learnt into their daily work. Presentations, problem-solving exercises, projects and self-managed learning activities are used to encourage flexible thinking and independent learning.

Affordable and competitive programme fee
The Programme can be enrolled in an affordable and competitive programme fee.

What You’ll Learn

Programme Duration

Year 2 Entry
a. Period of study12 months (3 x 4-month terms)
b. No. of modules6 modules (Year 2 studies : 2 modules; Year 3 studies : 4 modules;)
c. Mode of studyEach module comprises 13 regular weekly lectures.
Year 3 Entry
a. Period of study8 months (2 x 4-month terms)
b. No. of modules4 modules
c. Mode of studyEach module comprises 13 regular weekly lectures.

Programme Structure

Year 3

120 Credits

Module 1:Final Year Project: Consultancy Project

Module 2:Managing Strategy (Collaborations)

Module 3:Small Business Management (Collaborations)

Module 4:Specialisation Studies (any one of the followings)

    Business Studies
    International Management and Organizational Functions (Collaborations)

    Digital Marketing
    Direct and Digital Marketing Strategy


    Events Management
    Events Venue Management

    Corporate Financial Management

    Human Resource Management
    International Human Resource Management

    International Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Entry by

    HKMA ADMS(DMS) holders;

    Higher Diploma; or

    Associate Degree holders; or

    Equivalent qualifications

Year 2

60 Credits Exemption (Qualified Candidates Only)

60 Credits

Module 1: Operations Management
Module 2: Creativity and Decision-Making in Business

Entry by

    HKMA Professional Diploma holders (business related)

    Higher Diploma; or

    HKMA ADSA holders or

    Equivalent qualifications

Year 1

120 Credits Exemption (Qualified Candidates Only)


* Supporting document on English Proficiency is required.

ADMS: Advanced Diploma in Management Studies, a programme jointly offered by Lingnan University and HKMA

ADBM: Advanced Diploma in Business Management, a programme jointly offered by Lingnan University and HKMA

ADSA: Advanced Diploma in Secretarial and Administrative Studies, HKMA

– Diploma in Management Studies (DMS)is equivalent to Advanced Diploma in Management Studies (ADMS)

– Diploma in Business Management (DBM) is equivalent to Advanced Diploma in Business Management (ADBM)

Students, upon successful completion of the whole programme will be awarded the BA (Hons) Business Studies by the University of Greenwich.

Financial Assistance
BA (Hons) Business Studies is an approved programme of the Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme (ENLS). Students can apply for an ENLS loan to cover the tuition fees payable of this programme.

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