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Effective Use of Microsoft Outlook for Time Management

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Course Information

  • 12 Jun 2021 (Sat) 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Registration period
7 Apr 2021 (Wed) - 8 Jun 2021 (Tue)
HKD 950
Course Level
Study Mode
3 Hour(s)

Course Overview

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Outlook is a user-friendly information management tool that you can use alone or as part of a group. Outlook combines e-mail, calendar, group scheduling, contact management, task list into a complete package. Microsoft Outlook 2016 provided a fresh new look to the Outlook Interface.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explore the new feature of Outlook 2016
  • Send, read, store and reply electronic messages
  • Organize the manage messages
  • Use calendar to schedule a meeting
  • Create and manage contacts
  • Create and manage Tasks

What you'll learn

• Time Management Concept in your daily work
‒ Task Importance
‒ Organize your Task

• Before Sending Messages
‒ Use Spell Check
‒ Set Importance
‒ Delay Message Deliver
‒ Recall A Message
‒ Create And Use Signatures
‒ Mail-Tips

• Review Your Massage In a Smart Way
‒ Managing Mailbox Size
‒ View By Conversation
‒ Read Receipts And Tracking
‒ Manage Views
‒ Find Messages
‒ Flag Messages And Setup Reminder
‒ Use Categories
‒ Manage Folders
‒ Manage Mail Rules
‒ Share And Allow Other Users To View Your Mail • One-Click for Group of People
‒ Personal Distribution Lists

• Share and Organize You and Your Team Calendar
‒ Navigate The Calendar
‒ Group Scheduling
‒ Meeting Requests And Responses
‒ Calendar Preview In Meeting Requests
‒ Share And Allow Other Users To View Your Calendar

• From E-mail to Task
‒ To-Do Bar And The Tasks Screen
‒ Create And Delete A Task
‒ Assign A Task To Someone Else

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