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Introduction to PowerApps

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Course Information

  • 5 Jun 2021 (Sat) 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Registration period
7 Apr 2021 (Wed) - 1 Jun 2021 (Tue)
HKD 2,600
Course Level
Study Mode
6 Hour(s)

Course Overview

Physical Class in Kwun Tong Training Center and Private Class are available, click "Enquire Now" for enrollment and more training details

This course delivers an instructor-led breakdown of Microsoft PowerApps. Students will be taught how to design, test and publish new apps that work with a variety of data sources. We will take users through a selection of well-crafted lessons to help them build new applications for their business.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand when to use PowerApps
  • Describe the components of PowerApps and their correct use
  • Create PowerApps from existing data sources

What you'll learn

• An Introduction to Power Apps
‒ What is PowerApps?
‒ The benefits of apps
‒ Canvas Apps, Model-Driven Apps, and PowerApps Portal
‒ Discover PowerApps with Templates

• Create flexible apps using canvas app
‒ How to create an app
‒ Building a new app from a data source
‒ Power Apps design studio
‒ Add, edit, and remove controls
‒ Designing Power Apps
‒ Power Apps Formulas and logics
AI Builder

• Managing canvas app
‒ Testing an app
‒ App Settings
‒ Publish and Share Apps
‒ Version History and Restore
‒ Reuse an app
‒ Embed PowerApps in Teams
‒ Embed PowerApps in SharePoint Online

• Model-Driven Apps and Portal
‒ What is model-driven app
‒ Model-driven app template
‒ Model-driven app design interface
‒ What is Power Apps Portal
‒ Designing a portal web page
‒ Power Apps Portal Accessibility

Skills covered in this course

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