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Diploma In Administration 行政管理

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  • 15 Dec 2021 (Wed) - 4 Feb 2022 (Fri) 12:00 PM
  • 12 Jan 2022 (Wed) - 4 Mar 2022 (Fri) 12:00 PM
  • 9 Feb 2022 (Wed) - 1 Apr 2022 (Fri) 12:00 PM
Registration period
28 Sep 2021 (Tue) - 2 Feb 2022 (Wed)
HKD 30,600
($300 Cash rebate upon successful completion of each module within the Diploma module)
Study Mode
2 Year(s)

Course Overview

Diploma In Administration 行政管理

Equip yourself with the essential skills of a business administrator in any organization with our Diploma in Administration Course. Gain the practical skills you will need for an executive secretarial or office administrative post with a good paying career in the business world. Master personal accountability gaining expertise to work in teams at different levels with diverse and versatile groups. Develop interpersonal skills to influence increased office productivity. Topics include travel, meeting coordination, IT, records management, correspondence and communication.Through 12 modules of study, you will learn some essential administration skills and duties needed to work in a business environment.

The 12 Modules include:

Administrative Assistant Fundamentals & Applications

Effective Business Writing

Microsoft Excel - Introductory / Intermediate / Advance

Mastering Public Speaking

MS PowerPoint

Get Funny!

Mastery of Business Fundamentals

Understanding the Human Resources Function

Writing Essentials


What You’ll Learn

A brief overview of the 12 modules follows:

Administrative Assistant Fundamentals
Become an indispensable member of the corporate team as an Administrative Assistant. This course will help you master essential job responsibilities as you identify opportunities and implement solutions for increased productivity throughout your company.

Administrative Assistant Applications
Gain the skills you need for success as an Administrative Professional. This course will not only give you the ability to perform daily administrative tasks, but will also give you an inside view into how a professional organization's different departments work together to make or break a company.

Effective Business Writing
Improve your career prospects by learning how to develop powerful written documents that draw readers in and keep them motivated to continue to the end. This course will help you identify gaps and eliminate problem areas in your writing skills.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2016
Learn to quickly and efficiently use Microsoft Excel 2016 and discover dozens of shortcuts and tricks for setting up fully formatted worksheets. This course, taught by an experience Microsoft Excel instructor, provides in-depth knowledge for beginners that will have you using Excel like a pro.

Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2016
Harness the power of Excel and become a master user of this powerful program. This hands-on course will provide skills using charts, graphs, PivotTables, Slicers, Sparklines, AutoFilter, macros, and other advanced Microsoft Excel 2016 functions.

Advanced Microsoft Excel 2016
Develop essential skills in Microsoft Excel 2016 to better consolidate, analyze, and report on data. This course provides expert instruction and hands-on exercises that will help you easily master analysis tools, PivotTables, conditional formatting, and other advanced features.

Mastering Public Speaking
Become an effective public speaker by discovering how to talk confidently and persuasively to both large and small groups. This course will help you equip yourself with the skills you need to communicate with ease and authority on the job or in any social setting.

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
Take your presentations from "so-so" to sensational with PowerPoint. This course will help you discover how to use Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 to create professional-quality slide presentations that grab attention from start to finish and make your message memorable.

Get Funny!
Gain the ability to create humor, an important skill that can open many doors. This course is filled with opportunities to laugh as you learn how to come up with jokes or witticisms on the fly, punch up dull material for an audience, or entertain friends and even make new ones.

Mastery of Business Fundamentals
Acquire practical experience in strategic planning, management, and finance without enrolling in an MBA program. This course will provide in-depth knowledge of the business environment, including ethics, organizational structures, performance measures, financial investment models, budgeting, and more.

Understanding the Human Resources Function
Learn the essential role of human resources in successful organizations. This course will help you understand this very vital link in the organizational chain, so that managers and business owners can feel prepared to handle basic human resource functions.

Writing Essentials
Master the essentials of writing so you can excel at business communications, engage online audiences, and take your creative literary talents to a new level. This course provides you with the writing tools you need for success.

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