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Diploma in Business and Management

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Course Information

  • 18 Aug 2021 (Wed) - 8 Oct 2021 (Fri) 12:00 PM
  • 15 Sep 2021 (Wed) - 5 Nov 2021 (Fri) 12:00 PM
  • 13 Oct 2021 (Wed) - 3 Dec 2021 (Fri) 12:00 PM
Registration period
12 May 2021 (Wed) - 30 Dec 2021 (Thu)
HKD 30,000
($300 Cash rebate upon successful completion of each module within the Diploma)
Study Mode
2 Year(s)

Course Overview

Diploma in Business and Management

The Diploma Course consists of 12 Modules:

  1. Building Teams That Works
  2. Creating a Successful Business Plan
  3. Fundamentals of Supervision and Management
  4. Fundamentals of Supervision and Management II
  5. High Performance Organization
  6. Interpersonal Communication
  7. Introduction to Google Analytics
  8. Keys to Effective Communication
  9. Leadership
  10. Mastery of Business Fundamentals
  11. Skills for Making Great Decisions
  12. Talent and Performance Management

What You’ll Learn

A brief overview of the 12 modules follows:

Building Teams That Works
You're always going to be a part of a team. This course provides you with communication, problem-solving and leadership skills to keep your team on the right track and real-life scenarios that will help you master successful team-building and management.

Creating a Successful Business Plan
Turn your business ideas into a solid plan for financing and long-term success. This course will guide you through all the major components of writing a business plan and you'll emerge with your first draft in hand.

Fundamentals of Supervision and Management I 
Become a more effective manager by learning the language of business management. This course provides skills in managing time, delegating responsibility, motivating your employees, solving problems and resolving conflicts so you can accomplish your job more effectively.

Fundamentals of Supervision and Management II
Master the basics of communication to become a more effective manager or supervisor. This course will help you develop your interpersonal skills by understanding and dealing with various personality traits and how they impact your ability to get the job done.

High Performance Organization
This course provides strategies, tactics, and knowledge to help you build a foundation for your organization to become a High Performance Organization (HPO) for increased profits, better success, and a more desirable workplace.

Interpersonal Communication
Communication is more than just speaking, hearing, or having a good vocabulary. This course explores strategies for success in everyday interpersonal communication. You will explore clear examples of verbal and nonverbal habits, effective listening, self-concept, differences in conversational styles, and conflict management. You will also learn about practical strategies you can use to improve communication at home, in social situations, and in the workplace.

Introduction to Google Analytics
Learn to use Google Analytics to make the most of your online traffic. This course guides you step-by-step, report-by-report, through the major parts of the Google Analytics interface, including how to track visits, determine your best content, understand demographics, recognize patterns of use, and more.

Keys to Effective Communication
Become more confident, make great first impressions, get along with others, and create better personal and professional relationships. This course provides a step by step process to become a great conversationalist as you use communication to build rapport and create trust, warmth, and respect.

Gain the respect and admiration of others by developing your leadership skills. Even if you're not working in a leadership role, this course will teach you how to use the principles of great leaders to achieve success in your professional and personal life.

Mastery of Business Fundamentals
Acquire practical experience in strategic planning, management, and finance without enrolling in an MBA program. This course will provide in-depth knowledge of the business environment, including ethics, organizational structures, performance measures, financial investment models, budgeting, and more.

Skills for Making Great Decisions
Learn how to make excellent everyday decisions from an experienced counselor and life coach. This course will help you discover how to effectively deal with a crisis, how to use your emotions as decision-making tools, and how to work with others to make the most of every opportunity.

Talent and Performance Management
Learn how to prepare for an exciting and rewarding career as a Talent Management professional. This course will teach you how to attract and retain top talent in order to compete in a global marketplace.

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