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Doctor of Philosophy Program in Accounting

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The PhD Program follows a strong research-intensive tradition on the North American model. It is designed to enable students to gain a deep knowledge of management in general, to develop a concentration in a specialized field, and to provide opportunities for students to do significant original research in their chosen area. PhD students are offered intensive and targeted research training and exceptional collaboration opportunities with faculty to prepare them for their future careers in teaching and/or research.

Non-MPhil holders may be admitted through an integrated MPhil and PhD program study scheme.

On successful completion of the PhD program, graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a sound grasp of the literature in their specialized area of accounting research;
  2. Apply their specialized knowledge to solve related business problems in an innovative fashion;
  3. Demonstrate a broad based knowledge of core business functions related to accounting research;
  4. Integrate functional knowledge to solve business problems within their specialized area of accounting research;
  5. Teach independent courses or lead lab/tutorial sessions effectively; and
  6. Present their discipline knowledge clearly to layman.

Skills covered in this course

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