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Master of Science Program in Global Management

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Course Information

Study Mode
24 Month(s)

Course Overview

Mode of Study:Full-time, part-time or mixed mode

Normative Program Duration:10-24 months

The Master of Science (MSc) Program in Global Management is designed to provide a master’s level program for well-established corporations in the region to help their functional managers develop management skills in preparation for overseas assignments.  The program will be offered to cohorts of high potential managers sponsored by their employers.

The program aims to develop management knowledge and skills related to managing global organizations.  It enhances the cross-cultural and international exposure so as to prepare students for international assignments that involve working in a cross-cultural work environment.

Program Fee

  • A total fixed fee for one cohort will be charged to an organization.  The program fee includes all the faculty fees, rental for classrooms, case materials, handouts and textbooks.

What You’ll Learn

Minimum Credit Requirement
30 credits


General Core Courses
14 credits

ACCT 5100Financial Accounting Foundations2 Credit(s)
ACCT 5210Managerial Accounting Foundations2 Credit(s)
ECON 5110Managerial Microeconomics2 Credit(s)
ECON 5200Global Macroeconomics2 Credit(s)
FINA 5120Corporate Finance2 Credit(s)
ISOM 5020Information and Technology Management2 Credit(s)
ISOM 5510Data Analysis2 Credit(s)
ISOM 5700Operations Management2 Credit(s)
MARK 5120Marketing Strategy and Policy2 Credit(s)
MGMT 5230Management of Organizations2 Credit(s)
MGMT 5410Strategic Management2 Credit(s)

Required Core Courses
6 credits

MBA or MSc courses offered by the School of Business and Management under one of the following tracks:

General Management
Information System Management
Supply Chain Management

Elective Courses
10 credits

The elective courses may include any other courses under the MBA or MSc programs offered by the School of Business and Management.


  • The program will be taught in English. 
  • The core and elective courses will be delivered in class through a combination of lectures, case studies, group discussion, presentations and/or simulation exercises. 
  • All courses will be assessed and graded according to University regulations.

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