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Postgraduate Diploma and Master of Arts Programs in Social Science (Full time)

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Course Information

Registration period
28 Feb 2022 (Mon) - 28 Feb 2023 (Tue)
HKD 126,000
(New students admitted with credit transfer are also required to pay the full program fee. Students who need to retake failed course(s) must pay the pro-rated fee for the necessary course(s).)
Study Mode
1 Year(s)

Course Overview

The Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) and Master of Arts (MA) Programs in Social Science offer an interdisciplinary curriculum for those seeking employment in business, government, mass media, and education, as well as those who subsequently wish to pursue a research program in one of the social science disciplines. The taught programs are designed to provide the necessary skills required for social science research and a broad spectrum of analytical perspectives for a critical understanding of a variety of issues and phenomena in the modern world.

What You’ll Learn

Minimum Credit Requirement

PGD: 15 credits
MA: 24 credits

Credit Transfer

Subject to the approval of the Academic Director, graduates from the PGD program may transfer up to 15 credits of coursework to the MA program.

Foundation Courses

PGD: 3 credits
MA: 6 credits

MASS 5010Research Methods in Social Science3 Credit(s)
MASS 5020Social Statistics I3 Credit(s)

Required Courses

PGD: 9 credits
MA: 12 credits

Designed specifically for the PGD/MA students, the required SSMA courses cover disciplines in sociology, psychology, economics, and political science. Students are required to take courses from one or more of these disciplines. At the beginning of each term, the Program Office will announce a list of courses to be offered by the Division.

Elective Courses

PGD: 3 credits
MA: 6 credits

Students can take any postgraduate courses (and a maximum of one undergraduate course at 4000-level) offered by the School of Humanities and Social Science.


Should students wish to take courses other than those specified above, prior approval must be obtained from the Academic Director.

Most courses are taught in English. Students who wish to enroll in courses in which Chinese materials are used extensively must demonstrate proficiency in Chinese.

Full-time students are required to take a minimum of 9 credits of coursework each regular term, whereas part-time students are required to take a minimum of 3 credits each regular term.

Upon entering the program, students' progress will be monitored by the Academic Director.

With the approval of the Academic Director, student may take study leave for no more than one regular term.

Subject to the approval of the Academic Director, students of the MA program may subsequently apply for transfer to the PGD program.

On successful completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

  1. Design research projects based on fundamental principles of social science inquiry;
  2. Explain basic statistical concepts used by social scientists and apply related methods to data analysis;
  3. Articulate key concepts and important theories in major social science disciplines;
  4. Evaluate and critique scholarly works in the social sciences; and
  5. Formulate theoretically informed and empirically grounded perspectives for the analysis of social and economic issues in Greater China and beyond.

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