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Business Objects Desktop Intelligence Advanced Reporter Course - Hong Kong

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  • 6 Aug 2021 (Fri)
  • 3 Sep 2021 (Fri)
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11 Jun 2021 (Fri) - 2 Sep 2021 (Thu)
HKD 12,095
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1 Day(s)

Course Overview


Who should attend this Business Intelligence Training Course?

This training course is designed for those who have been introduced to Business Objects, and are wishing to expand their knowledge.


There are no formal prerequisites for attending this course.



Business Objects Desktop Intelligence Advanced Reporter Course Overview

This Business Objects Desktop Intelligence Advanced Reporter training course teaches delegates some clear, practical techniques that will boost productivity with Business Objects. This course is the next step after the Business Objects introductory certification, as it expands on knowledge acquired at this beginner’s level.

Nevertheless, during the Desktop Intelligence Advanced Reporter training, elements from the introduction course are revisited in order to refresh delegate understanding. Topics covered within this one-day training course include the refinement and formatting of reports, using conditions to restrict data, multiple data providers, and the use of variables. Likewise, delegates will also learn about the technique of slice and dice, drilling, and exporting data.



What’s Included in this Business Intelligence Training Course?

  • The Knowledge Academy’s Business Objects Desktop Intelligence Advanced Reporter Manual
  • Experienced Instructor
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Refreshments




What You’ll Learn

Business Objects Desktop Intelligence Advanced Reporter Course Outline

This Business Objects Desktop Intelligence Advanced Reporter Course is comprised of the following subjects:

Editing Reports:

  • Editing Blocks
  • Applying and Formatting Filters
  • Applying and Formatting Sorts

Formatting Reports:

  • Creating and Using Templates
  • Page Formatting Options
  • Formatting Tables and Sections
  • Adding Page Breaks
  • Formatting Charts
  • Aligning Cells and Blocks

Restricting Data with Conditions:

  • Multi-Value Conditions
  • Using Logical Operators (AND/OR)
  • Pre-Defined Conditions
  • Prompted Condition Queries
  • Using Wildcards in Queries
  • Displaying Prompt Criteria in Reports
  • Creating Subqueries
  • Combine Queries (Union, Intersect, and Minus)

Using Multiple Data Providers:

  • Understanding Data Providers
  • Multiple Queries from a Single Universe
  • Naming and Using Data Providers
  • Querying Multiple Universes in a Single Document
  • Using Personal Data Files (e.g. Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets) as Data Sources
  • Synchronising Data Providers by Linking
  • Numeric Data Format Issues

Defining and Using Variables:

  • Creating Variables
  • Resetting Calculations Across Breaks
  • If/Then/Else Variables
  • The Group Function
  • Creating a Variable Using the Group Function
  • Understanding Calculation Contexts

Using Slice and Dice:

  • Slice and Dice View
  • Converting Tables to Crosstabs
  • Converting Table Blocks to Charts
  • Adding Breaks, Totals, Filters, and Other Functions


  • Understanding Hierarchies
  • Setting the Scope of Analysis
  • Pre-Defined Hierarchies
  • Drilling on Single and Multiple Hierarchies
  • Creating Custom Hierarchies
  • Drilling on Charts
  • Displaying Drill Information
  • Saving Snapshots

Exporting Data for Use in Other Applications:

  • Exporting Data from a Block
  • Exporting Data from a Data Provider



Skills covered in this course

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