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Introduction To Java EE Training Course - Hong Kong

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  • 5 Nov 2021 (Fri) 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 17 Dec 2021 (Fri) 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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27 Jul 2021 (Tue) - 4 Nov 2021 (Thu)
HKD 12,095
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1 Day(s)

Course Overview


There are no prerequisites for attending this course.


This course is designed especially for all those developers who want to learn advance Java to build enterprise applications from scratch.

Introduction to Java EE Training Course Overview

Java Enterprise Edition is built on the top of Java SE meant for developing distributed web applications as well as stand-alone command-line applications and UIs.

Java EE is like increment of Java standard edition that includes several libraries like JEE Rest library. Java EE uses containers to build applications that allow developers to focus on business logic rather than writing infrastructure. Java EE makes it very easy to connect the app and systems to make our application capable for web, cell phones and other devices. Learning Java EE is highly recommended for all those developers who are the part of organisations and wants to learn and build enterprise applications.

The Knowledge Academy’s 1-day course Introduction to Java EE will serve delegates with a proper understanding of use cases of Java EE from scratch. This course does not expect any hard requirements from learners as our course outline is specially designed to teach the root of every concept of Java EE. Let's grow up from basic to advance level of Java with The Knowledge Academy.

  • Delegate pack consisting of course notes and exercises
  • Manual
  • Experienced Instructor


What You’ll Learn

Introduction to Java EE Training Course Outline

Introduction to Java EE

  • Java EE: An Introduction
  • Java EE Platform Highlights
  • Application Model

Distributed Multitiered Applications

  • Security
  • Java EE Components
  • Java EE Clients
  • Web Components
  • Business Components

Java EE Containers

  • Container Services
  • Types of Containers

Web Services Support

  • XML
  • SOAP Transport Protocols
  • WSDL Standard Format

Java EE APIs

  • Enterprise JavaBeans Technology
  • Java Servlet Technology
  • Java Server Pages
  • Java Faces Technology
  • Java Pages Technology
  • Java Message Services API

Java Platform APIs

  • Java Database Connectivity API
  • Java Naming and Directory Interface
  • JavaBeans Activation Framework

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