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Certified Professional In Agile Project Management (CPAPM) - Hong Kong

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  • 11 Nov 2021 (Thu) - 12 Nov 2021 (Fri) 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 9 Dec 2021 (Thu) - 10 Dec 2021 (Fri) 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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12 Aug 2021 (Thu) - 8 Dec 2021 (Wed)
HKD 18,495
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2 Day(s)

Course Overview

Who should attend Agile Project Management Course?

This CPAPM course is perfect for individuals who wish to become a Certified Professional in Agile Project Management but have little to no understanding of Agile principles and practices. This course can also be attended by traditional Project Managers who wish to transition to an Agile environment, or Agile team leaders who want to take on this more advanced role.

Certified Agile Project Management Professional Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites and so anybody can attend this course.

Certified Professional in Agile Project Management (CPAPM) Course Overview

Our comprehensive Certified Professional in Agile Project Management (CPAPM) training course is designed to provide delegates with all the skills required to become successful Agile Project Managers in just two days.

Agile practices are adopted by Project Management professionals worldwide, thus this certification is globally recognised as an indicator of proficiencies within Agile. The benefits derived from CPAPM are valuable and directly transferable to the workplace, making our certification attractive to employers and desired by individuals.

A broad range of content is delivered during the two days of training, providing delegates with an abundance of material from which to acquire their new understanding. Our trainers are experts in the realm, and are acclaimed globally for their entrenched knowledge of Agile concepts. The ability of our trainers to transmit their expertise is unparalleled, and hence results in the evolution of delegates who are competent and confident in applying Agile notions.

Agile is an approach to Project Management that focuses on flexibility and fast improvement. It is a proven approach that can be applied to any business or project, therefore has universal potential. This CPAPM certification will effectively prepare each candidate to fulfil the responsibilities of an Agile Project Manager by providing them with practical experience of up-to-date Agile Project Management practices and techniques.

In addition to studying specific Agile methods, a variety of Agile concepts will also be thoroughly explained, including customer cooperation, managing vendors, and mitigating risk. As well as this, individuals will explore deliverables, Agile team roles and responsibilities, and MoSCoW prioritisation.

If you are looking for a complete and comprehensive guide to Agile Project Management, and wish to gain a globally acknowledged certification in the subject, then this training course is perfect for you.

What's Included in this Agile Project Management Course?

The following is included in this course:

  • CPAPM Examination
  • The Knowledge Academy CPAPM Manual
  • Experienced CPAPM Instructor
  • CPAPM Certificate
  • Refreshments


What You’ll Learn

Certified Professional in Agile Project Management (CPAPM) Course Outline

Our comprehensive CPAPM training course will cover the following topics:

The Basics of Agile Project Management

  • What is Agile Project Management?
  • Why use Agile Project Management?
  • When to use Agile Project Management
  • Introducing the DSDM
  • The DSDM Method
  • DSDM Deliverables
  • Factors for Success
  • The 8 Key Principles

The Agile Lifecycle

  • The Agile Project Management Framework
  • Constructing the Agile Project Lifecycle
  • Adapting the Process

The Deliverable Products

  • Management Products
  • Technical Products
  • Business Products

The Agile Project Team

  • Agile Project Team Roles and Responsibilities
  • Leadership Styles
  • Collaboration

The Agile Practices

  • MoSCoW Prioritisation
  • Timeboxing
  • The Daily Stand-Up
  • The Team Board
  • Teams and Change
  • Facilitated Workshops
  • Modelling
  • Iterative Development

Agile Project Management & Control

  • Estimating
  • Planning
  • Testing
  • Risk Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Measuring Agile Success
  • Requirements
  • Maintainability
  • Configuration Management
  • User Stories
  • Quality Management and Control
  • Tailoring DSDM Using PAQ

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