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  • 24 Dec 2021 (Fri) 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 7 Jan 2022 (Fri) 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 21 Jan 2022 (Fri) 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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30 Sep 2021 (Thu) - 20 Jan 2022 (Thu)
HKD 11,395
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1 Day(s)

Course Overview


There are no formal prerequisites for attending this course.


Anyone interested to learn about Google forms can attend this course.

Google Forms Masterclass​ Course Overview

Google Forms is one of the parts of Google’s online apps suite of tools, along with Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Google forms can be used to collect responses from the survey or to mark multiple choice quizzes and tests automatically. It allows you to create custom forms with all kinds of data entry – drop-down menu, text, scale, checkboxes, and grid. A form is an online tool that also enables the user to share and collaborate it with multiple people on the same form in real-time.

In this 1-day course, delegates will be equipped with the knowledge of how to create forms and add questions. Delegates will learn how to change the question type and make a question obligatory to complete. In addition, they will get an understanding of how to add titles, a new section, and preview the form. Managing the form’s responses and various methods to create better forms are also essential topics of this course.

During this course, delegates will gain a comprehensive knowledge of how to add images and videos to form. Delegates will learn to change the form background colour and add the theme as well as their image. Quizzes and uploading files through forms is also an important topic to be covered in this course. The course will teach about personalising google forms. Hence, delegates undertaking this course will be able to set up google sheet, add individual data to form link and substitute link with class details.

  • Delegate pack consisting of course notes and exercises
  • Manual
  • Experienced Instructor




What You’ll Learn

Google Forms Masterclass​ Course Outline

Getting Started with Google Forms

  • Define Google Forms
  • Working of Google Forms
  • Creating Form
  • Adding Questions
  • Creating a Spreadsheet

Working with Questions

  • Naming Form and File
  • Changing Questions Type
  • Making Obligatory Questions
  • Changing Questions Order
  • Automatic Questions Types

Adding Titles and Sections

  • Adding Titles
  • Adding New Section
  • Moving Sections
  • Previewing Forms

Types of Questions

  • Short Answer
  • Paragraph
  • Multiple Choice
  • Checkboxes
  • Drop-Down
  • Linear Scale
  • Multiple-Choice and Tick Box Grid
  • Date and Time

Managing Form’s Responses

  • Viewing Summary of Responses
  • Viewing Individual Responses

Adding Images and Videos

  • Adding Image to Form
  • Adding Video to Form

Changing Background

  • Changing Form Background Colour
  • Adding Theme
  • Adding Own Image

Sending Them

  • Emailing Link to Form
  • Getting Link to Form
  • Embedding Form

Introduction to Quizzes

  • Setting Up Quiz
  • Setting Up Questions in Quiz
  • Adding Feedback to Answers
  • Reviewing Summary Responses
  • Sending Emails to Respondents
  • Reviewing Individual Responses

Uploading Files through Forms

  • Setting Up Form
  • Uploading File from Computer
  • Uploading from My Device

Personalised Google Forms

  • Pre-Filling Google Forms Out
  • Setting Up Google Sheet
  • Getting Pre-Filled Form Link
  • Adding Individual Data to Form Link
  • Dealing with Spaces in Data
  • Copy Cells Down your Table
  • Substitute Link with Class Details
  • Full Pre-Filled Form Link

Skills covered in this course

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