Diploma in Graphic Design with Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop

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Course Information

  • 28 Dec 2021 (Tue) - 15 Feb 2022 (Tue) 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Registration period
8 Oct 2021 (Fri) - 27 Dec 2021 (Mon)
HKD 6,900 CEF Reimbursable

全期學費為 $6,900,獲發還持續進修基金後可低至 $1,380。

Course Level
Study Mode
42 Hour(s)
3/F, Righteous Centre, 585 Nathan Road, Mongkok

Course Overview

Course Features

  • The design profession always has a mesmerizing appeal. No matter it is professional artwork originated from the designer’s boundless imagination, or amateur creation for sharing over the Internet, there is always some kind of glamour in the work of a designer.
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are industry standard, pioneer software tools for professional graphic design. The powerful integration between Photoshop and Illustration enhances greatly efficiency and productivity, allowing designers to put more of their time in creativity development.
  • Both PC (Windows) and Mac (OSX) classes are available to suit individual training needs.
  • Students will get the Adobe Official Course Completion Certificate upon course completion.
  • You will get a free account at for extra learning resources and out-of-classroom support.

What you are going to learn?

  • Colour Enchancment You will learn effective and professional ways to correct the colour and tone in a photo.
  • Photo Retouching You will learn photo correction and restoration techniques. Although the world is not perfect, Photoshop can make photos look better than real life.
  • Creative Design Do you want to combine different photos to create a meaningful design?
  • Artistic Illustration Learn how to create vector illustrations and beautiful artwork with Adobe Illustrator.
  • Layout Design You may use Illustrator to create attractive logos, icons, posters, business cards and more.


Applicants should be computer-literate with a sound working knowledge of the Windows/Mac operating system. Previous knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop is not necessary.

What You’ll Learn

Course Outline 

Module 1: Image Editing and Design with Adobe Photoshop

Lesson 1: Computer Graphics & Photos Startup

Lesson 2: Select bitmap Effectively

Lesson 3: Colour Adjustment and Enhancement

Lesson 4: Retouching and Repairing Images

Lesson 5: Nondestructive editing, Masks & Channels

Lesson 6: Vector & Clipping Masks, Drawing Paths Photoshop

Lesson 7: Text and Filters

Lesson 8: Effects, Styles, Patterns and Automate Tasks

Module II: Graphic Design with Adobe Illustrator

Lesson 9: Startup with Illustrator.

Lesson 10: Drawing & Colouring I

Lesson 11: Drawing & Colouring II

Lesson 12: Painting, Brushes, Symbol & Appearance

Lesson 13: Types, Layout & Printing

Lesson 14: Advanced Technique: Special Effects, Blend & Mesh









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