Diploma in 3D Animation Design with Autodesk 3ds Max

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Course Information

  • 3 Jan 2022 (Mon) - 3 Mar 2022 (Thu) 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Registration period
8 Oct 2021 (Fri) - 2 Jan 2022 (Sun)
Course Level
Study Mode
48 Hour(s)
3/F, Righteous Centre, 585 Nathan Road, Mongkok

Course Overview

Course Features

  • 3D Animation is widely used and applicable AEC, digital media and entertainment fields.
  • Solid and thorough training to allow participants to have the right skills to create photo-realistic images and animations
  • Up-to-date software and content. Course content is kept abreast of market development and benefit students with the latest technologies.
  • CEF Approved. Eligible Hong Kong residents are entitled to a maximum of 80% course fee subsidy.
  • AOTC ( Autodesk Offical Training Courseware) is used to ensure the highest quality.
  • Participants will get the Student Software.
  • You will get a free account at for extra learning resources and out-of-classroom support.

Course Description

What is 3ds Max?
3D animation talents are much sought after in the job market, as 3D technology is now applied widely to a multitude of industries including entertainment, architecture, industrial design, marketing and education.3ds Max is a powerful creativity tool for designers. It creates digital effects that make objects, light, and space look amazingly real and attractive. 3D animation experts are indispensable contributors in computer game design and of special effects in movies.

3D visualization has opened up new horizons for visual creativity by making impossibles become possible, and turning concepts into visual reality. This course provides participants with both theory and hands-on practice on 3D graphic and animation design based on the highly acclaimed Autodesk official learning framework and Autodesk 3ds Max software. The course is designed for those who have basic knowledge in graphic design and want to advance their skills in 3D modeling and design techniques. Upon course completion, participants will be able to produce professionally executed 3D graphics and animation using Autodesk 3ds Max .

In addition to the course diploma, students will receive a certificate endorsed by Autodesk after satisfying attendance and assignment requirements.


Participants should be at least 18 years old, understand basic computer operations and have basic concepts of space and form. No previous knowledge of 3ds Max or other 3D animation software is required.

What You’ll Learn

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Welcome to 3ds Max
Lesson 2: Play with Accuracy
Lesson 3: 3D Modeling I
Lesson 4: 3D Modeling II
Lesson 5: Free Form deformation family
Lesson 6: Integrating Skills for modeling – Lighting, Camera & Rendering I
Lesson 7: Lighting, Camera & Rendering II
Lesson 8: Material Essentials
Lesson 8: Material Essentials
Lesson 10: Advanced Lighting
Lesson 11: Animation I
Lesson 12: Animation II
Lesson 13: Animation III
Lesson 14: Making a short but meaningful movie using 3ds max
Lesson 15: Advanced Modeling I
Lesson 16: Advanced Modeling II

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