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Certificate Programme in English (Elementary Level) 初級英語證書課程

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Course Information

  • 10 Jan 2022 (Mon)
Registration period
22 Oct 2021 (Fri) - 9 Jan 2022 (Sun)
HKD 10,050
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Study Mode
115 Hour(s)
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Course Overview

This programme aims at providing basic English training for participants to build English skills for simple, functional purposes. It introduces the essentials of English grammar and covers the four basic skills in English learning.

Upon completion of the programme, participants will be able to demonstrate understanding of simple English structures and passage; express basic ideas, opinions and feelings; and communicate in simple English for daily use with reasonable clarity.


What You’ll Learn

359101 Basic English Grammar
This course is designed for those who have elementary knowledge, but expect a better mastery of accuracy in the English language. It provides participants with a review of the basic elements of English sentence patterns in listening, and reading and be able to produce those patterns in their own speaking and writing.

Topics include: (1) Parts of speech; (2) Questions; (3) Tenses; (4) Countable & uncountable nouns; (5) Pronouns; (6) Punctuation; (7) Active/passive voice; (8) Direct/indirect speech; (9) Prepositions; 10) Question tags; and (11) Articles.

379101 Basic Listening Skills
Participants will be introduced to various strategies for building up their listening skills through practice with a wide range of examples.

To enhance participants' listening skills, features of spoken English: sounds, stress and intonation, pauses and fillers will be reviewed.

379104 English Phonetics
This course aims at improving participants' understanding of English pronunciation and speech system with the help of diagrams, IPA symbols and basic theories.

Topics include:
(1) Organs of speech and the production of English sounds
(2) The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
(3) Vowels and consonants
(4) Syllable and stress
(5) Application of phonetic symbols in dictionaries
(6) Weak-forms and strong-forms

379106 Practical Oral English
This course is for participants who wish to communicate clearly and effectively with other people in simple English.

Topics include greetings and introductions, asking and giving directions, shopping, dining, making enquiries, telephone conversations, and some catchy colloquialisms.

Accurate English pronunciation will also be emphasized. Students will be expected to participate in oral classwork: pairwork, role- play and discussion.

369102 Practical Reading & Writing Skills
This course includes a review of good sentence writing and paragraph writing skills. Particular attention will be paid to sentence cohesion, logical development and flow of ideas.

This course also focuses on the skills of making a distinction between facts and opinions; identifying key words and summarizing ideas. It helps participants develop effective reading skills.

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