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Certificate Programme in English Writing Skills for the Workplace 在職英語寫作技巧證書課程

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Course Information

  • 10 Jan 2022 (Mon)
Registration period
21 Oct 2021 (Thu) - 9 Jan 2022 (Sun)
HKD 10,050 CEF Reimbursable
(Application Fee
Course Level
Study Mode
110 Hour(s)

Course Overview

This programme aims at consolidating participants' knowledge of grammar and vocabulary; and enhancing their ability to write structured and reader-centred business correspondence of different types with an appropriate tone and style.

Upon completion of the programme, participants will be able to employ a wider vocabulary to construct messages on different levels of complexity, and produce clear and correct writings to achieve a variety of purposes at work.

What You’ll Learn

369102 Practical Reading and Writing Skills

This course includes a review of good sentence writing and paragraph writing skills. Particular attention will be paid to sentence cohesion, logical development and flow of ideas.

This course also focuses on the skills of making a distinction between facts and opinions; identifying key words and summarizing ideas. It helps participants develop effective reading skills.

359102 English Grammar

This course is designed for participants who wish to go beyond basic grammar. It will provide a review of the eight parts of speech in the Basic English Grammar course followed by a more thorough study of other major aspects of grammar.

Topics include:

(1) Revision of tenses; (2) Gerunds and infinitives; (3) Direct & indirect questions;
(4) Relative & participial phrases/clauses; (5) Adjective & adverb phrases/clauses;
(6) Comparatives & superlatives; (7) Collective nouns; and (8) Conditionals

389105 Business Correspondence Writing Workshop

This course introduces clear, concise, and correct business correspondence writing skills with the appropriate use of tone and style.

A general review of the basics and different types of business correspondence including email, letter, proposal and report will be covered.

389104 Practical Written Communication for Business

This course will provide participants with an opportunity to analyze and review common grammatical errors found in Hong Kong business writings.

An overview of common types of business correspondence will be covered such as emails, memos, different types of letters, agendas and minutes.

Common formats used for correspondence will be examined and discussed and the notion of tone and style will be introduced.

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