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  • 5 Sep 2022 (Mon)
Registration period
3 Dec 2021 (Fri) - 22 Aug 2022 (Mon)
HKD 157,500 CEF Reimbursable Scholarship Available
(畢業所需學分 : 最少60學分

每學分港幣2,625元 (2022/23學年的課程費用有待公佈)


Study Mode
2 Year(s)
Cantonese, English, Mandarin

Course Overview

Aims and Objectives

The programme is offered under the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Scheme in Language and Communication which is designed to equip students with oral and written English and Chinese language proficiency and professional knowledge.

The Scheme comprises three programmes as follows:

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Bilingual Studies with Translation
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Chinese Language and Culture
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Language and Professional Communication

Entrance Requirements

Holder of a recognised Associate Degree, Higher Diploma or equivalent qualification in related disciplines. 


The main medium of instruction of the study programme concerned should be English.  Applicant who has completed the programme with other languages as the main medium of instruction should attain the following English Language requirement: IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 550 (paper based); 80 (Internet based).

An applicant who does not possess the above-mentioned qualification but has reached the age of 25 before 1 September, in the year in which he/she seeks admission, may apply as a mature applicant.  A mature applicant should possess relevant work experience in senior positions and is expected to have completed some post-secondary studies in related fields. He/she will also be required to pass an admission test and demonstrate to the Admission Interview Panel his/her ability to complete the programme.  Moreover, he/she may be required to take up foundation subject(s) as appropriate.

Career Prospects

Graduates will be ready to enter related careers such as editor, education, civil service, administration, event management, corporate communication, cultural industry.

What You’ll Learn

基礎科 (只適用於來自非相關學系的學生)

  • Introduction to Communication and Language+(3 credits)

組合課程必修科 (共6科)

  • Advanced Putonghua for Professional Communication CEF
  • Chinese Writing for Professionals CEF
  • Effective Professional Communication in English*
  • English and Chinese in Contrast CEF
  • Integrated Study (Language and Communication)
  • Translation for the Workplace CEF


  • Advanced English Grammar
  • Chinese Writing for the Media
  • Introducation to Bilingual Communication
  • Introduction to Bilingual Studies
  • Languages in Contemporary Societies
  • Translation for the Media

選修科# (任何5科,其中3科須為Level 4科目)


  • Applied Translation Studies
  • Bilingual Communication Workshop
  • Chinese and Bilingual Academic Inquiry
  • Chinese Media in the Bilingual Context
  • Introduction to Interpretation
  • Translation for Business and Commerce


  • China and the West: Cultures in Contact
  • Classical Chinese for Today
  • Film Art, Language and Culture
  • Global Popular Culture and Everyday Life
  • Introduction to Chinese Martial Arts Literature
  • Special Topics in Chinese Literature


  • Communication in Professional Contexts: Principles and Practice
  • Creative Online Public Relations and Internet Marketing
  • Digital Journalism and News Reporting
  • Multiculturalism and Communication
  • Organisational Communication
  • Publication Design
  • Strategic Public Relations and Crisis Management
  • Writing for Marketing and Public Relations Purposes in Chinese


  • Applied Pronunciation Studies
  • Comprehensive Japanese
  • Teaching and Learning English as a Second Language
  • Teaching Primary School Students English as a Service-Learning Experience ^
  • Text, Image and New Media

^ 這是選定為符合學習服務要求的科目



CEF 本課程已加入持續進修基金可獲發還款項課程名單內。其所屬之主體課程 (中英雙語學及翻譯文學士 / 中國語文及文化文學士 / 語文及專業傳意文學士) 在資歷架構下獲得認可(資歷架構第5級)。


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