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MSc Healthcare Management and Leadership

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Course Information

  • 24 Sep 2022 (Sat)
Registration period
9 Aug 2022 (Tue) - 24 Sep 2022 (Sat)
HKD 85,800
(Tuition fee for Members: HK$85,800;Tuition fee for Non-members:HK$85,800)
Study Mode

Course Overview

Why choose the University of Worcester MSc Healthcare Management and Leadership programme?

Recognition of Degree

The MSc Healthcare Management and Leadership is awarded by the University of Worcester. The award is a fully accredited British university degree. The award carries equivalent academic status and recognition to the MSc Healthcare Management and Leadership degree conferred by the University to the local students in the UK.

A Reputable UK University

The University of Worcester is an internationally recognised university. It ranked #1 in the UK and #26 in the world for quality education (The Times Higher Education University Impact Ranking 2019).

Awarded the Largest Allocation of Additional Health-related Student Places

The University of Worcester was awarded the largest allocation of additional health-related student places in the UK in 2020, putting it in a strong position to add to its substantial and proven experience over the past two decades in training high-quality, effective and compassionate health professionals.

Prestigious Pre-Registration Nurse Education Provider

The University of Worcester has been shortlisted for a record 7th time in the UK as Pre-Registration Nurse Education Provider of the Year.

Fully taught by University of Worcester and Local Faculty

Each module is fully taught by University of Worcester and local associate faculty. They are grounded in contemporary research and practice in business psychology.

Attainable in 18 Months

Participants can complete the programme in 18 months with completing 7 modules and one dissertation.

Reasonable Programme Fee

Degree can be obtained in an affordable and competitive programme fee.

Assignment-based Assessment

All modules are assessed through written continuous assessments. This assists students to apply academic learning to the real healthcare management scenario.

Who should apply?
This programme provides a developmental route for professionals who work at advanced level practice as managers and leaders within healthcare. It addresses the important factors influencing the management and leadership of both organisations and individuals. It aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills and resources to enable them to reach their full potential as managers and leaders.

What You’ll Learn

General Information
Students are required to achieve 180 credits for completing the programme, which consists of eight modules including a dissertation in 15,000 words. Each taught module will be delivered by the University of Worcester and local associate faculty. A supervisor will be assigned to students to maintain close contact with students and to provide professional advice.


Advanced Research Analysis 215
Leading and Managing People15
Challenging and Enhancing Service Delivery15
Operational Strategy: Delivering Business Efficiency15
Finance for Non-Financial Managers: Understanding the Numbers!15
Individual Negotiated Learning15
Leading and Managing Service and Quality Improvement30

Study Format
The modules will generally have a 12-week study schedule as follows:

Week 1Pre-reading 
Week 2Module 1 (15 credits) / Module 3 (30 credits)Saturday
(2pm – 6pm)
(9am – 6pm)
Week 3Module 2 (15 credits) / Module 3 (30 credits)
Week 4Self-study / Revision / Coursework 
Week 5Self-study / Revision / Coursework
Week 6Self-study / Revision / Coursework
Week 7Module 1 (15 credits) / Module 3 (30 credits)Saturday
(2pm – 6pm)
(9am – 6pm)
Week 8Module 2 (15 credits) / Module 3 (30 credits)
Week 9Self-study / Revision / Coursework 
Week 10Self-study / Revision / Coursework
Week 11Self-study / Revision / Coursework
Week 12Assignment Submission

HKMA Institute of Healthcare Management
In view of the increasing demand for quality healthcare services and the projected management talent needs of the industry, The Hong Kong Management Association has established the Institute of Healthcare Management (HCM) in 2017, with a vision to be the leading institution advancing management excellence in the healthcare sector in Hong Kong and the Region.

HCM offers world-class healthcare management programmes and to serve as a learned platform for healthcare professional development with a view to making significant contribution to advancing management excellence in the healthcare sector in Hong Kong and the Region. Through education and training, HCM nurtures human capital in the healthcare sector. HCM also provides as a network for renowned scholars and experts to interact with the healthcare professionals and practitioners, as well as our fellows and members. In the process, best practices, state of the art knowledge and innovative ideas relevant to healthcare management sector are generated and promoted.

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