You current position is Senior Project Coordinator (Building / Construction).

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  • Construction
  • Documentation
  • Construction Drawings
  • Sub-Contractors
  • Building Studies
  • Civil Engineering
  • Autocad
  • MS-Word
  • Building Construction
  • Microsoft Excel

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Currently hiring

  • Project Coordinator / Senior Project Coordinator

    Allworth Consultants Limited
  • Project Coordinator / Senior PC (Fitting Out)

    Allworth Consultants Limited
  • Senior Project Coordinator/ Project Coordinator / Assistant Project Coordinator (Airport Area)

    Wecruit Consultancy Limited
  • Senior Project Coordinator (SPC) / Project Coordinator (PC)

  • Assistant Project Coordinator/ Project Coordinator/ Senior Project Coordinator

    Cheung Kee Fung Cheung Construction Company Limited
  • Senior Project Coordinator/ Project Coordinator

    Aggressive Construction Company Limited
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