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Currently hiring

  • Associate Professor of Teaching / Assistant Professor of Teaching, Department of Management (Post Ref.: 24/211)

    Lingnan University
  • Chair Professor / Professor / Associate Professor / Assistant Professor / Senior Lecturer / Lecturer

    Hong Kong Metropolitan University
  • Associate Professor / Assistant Professor, School of Nursing (TWC/24/116/NUR/ASSOP_ASSTP)

    Tung Wah College
  • Associate Professor / Professor, Department of Cultural Studies (Post Ref.: 24/213)

    Lingnan University
  • Professor/Associate Professor, Department of English (Post Ref.: 24/205)

    Lingnan University
  • Associate Professor / Assistant Professor, School of Nursing (TWC/24/108/NUR/ASSOP_ASSTP)

    Tung Wah College
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