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Most of the people will be Management Trainee as a career move.

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  • 英語
  • 普通話
  • 零售經驗
  • 銷售技巧
  • 銷售
  • 流利廣東話
  • Trading
  • Fast-Paced
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain

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Currently hiring

  • Operational Trainee Program 2023 (O2O) $18,000

    Hong Kong Technology Venture Company Limited
  • Retail Operations Trainee

  • Retail Operations Trainee

  • Therapist Trainee 見習美容師

    BK Medical Group Limited
  • Buying Trainee

    CIAO International Limited
  • Ralph's Coffee Barista Trainee / Junior Barista (咖啡師實習生 / 初級咖啡師)

    Ralph Lauren
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