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Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design

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  • Sep 2024
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5 Jan 2024 (Fri) - 30 Jun 2024 (Sun)
Study Mode
1 Month(s)

Course Overview

The Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design (MSc(AAD)) is a design-focused post-professional, specialist taught postgraduate that creates a unique platform for students, practicing architects and urban researchers to contribute to emergent, cutting-edge research-based design agendas that result in real-life propositions.
MSc(AAD) is envisioned as THE BUILDING SOCIETY,, a collaborative practice-research design studio formed by the students, teachers and collaborators.
The MSc(AAD) curriculum comprises 3 research-based design studio courses (36 credits, including a capstone studio), 3 core courses (18 credits), and 3 elective courses (18 credits), leading to a 1-year full-time study (totalling 72 credits). It provides opportunities for students from different backgrounds:
• For students who have studied architecture and developed an interest in new technologies, environmental design, and construction prototyping, the programme provides an opportunity to pursue these through a focused period of additional study, either as a terminal Master degree or a route into architectural doctoral studies.
• MSc(AAD) provides a preparatory 12 months degree as a foundation for undertaking PhD, Doctorate of Design or to pursue an academic career. We expect MSc(AAD) to become a well-recognized route into academia for architects throughout East and South-east Asia.
• For undergraduates in built environment disciplines (civil engineering, building science and technology, landscape architecture, urban studies, etc.) the MSc(AAD) provides specialist education in architectural research before further professional training.
• For those who already have obtained professional degrees and experience and want to further their specialties and skills, the programme provides an opportunity for post-professional specialization to update their skill sets, gain mastery of the latest technologies and re-enter the discipline's frontier topics.
Design Studio Courses
MAAD6101 Design Research Studio I (12 credits)
MAAD6102 Design Research Studio II (12 credits)
MAAD6103 Design Research Studio III - Capstone Experience (12 credits)
Core Courses
MAAD6201 Research-based Design: Case Studies (6 credits)
MAAD6202 Topics in Fabrication: Techniques and Technologies (6 credits)
MAAD6203 Topics in Contemporary Sustainability (6 credits)
Elective Courses
MAAD6301 Fabrication Techniques I (Traditional) (6 credits)
MAAD6302 New Materials (6 credits)
MAAD6303 Experiments in Making (6 credits)
MAAD6304 New Technologies in Design (AR/VR/AI) (6 credits)
MAAD6305 Fabrication Techniques II (Robotic and Digital) (6 credits)
MAAD6306 Sustainable Construction (6 credits)
MAAD6307 Topics in Urbanization (6 credits)


What You’ll Learn

The MSc(AAD) programme provides full-time (one year) study mode. The curriculum
and syllabuses can be found at the Faculty of Architecture website
The composition fee for the full-time programme of the 2023-2024 academic
year is HK$250,470 (subject to approval) inclusive of the caution money (HK$350) and
the student activity fee (HK$100) (excluding expenses for mainland/overseas field trips
and joint studios, if any), to be paid in 3 instalments during the year of study. The
admission deposit upon acceptance of conditional offer is HK$83,790 inclusive of the
caution money (HK$350) and the student activity fee (HK$100). Application fee
(HK$300) is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

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