Advanced Certificate in BIM Analysis with Navisworks

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Course Information

  • 24 Jun 2024 (Mon) - 26 Jun 2024 (Wed) 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Registration period
7 Dec 2023 (Thu) - 24 Jun 2024 (Mon)
HKD 4,600
(Course Fee: $4,600
This course is already on the Construction Innovation and Technology Fund (CITF) pre-approved list CITF pre-approved List – BIM Training Course PBT18-077. Qualified construction industry organization can apply this course and receive a tuition subsidy of up to 70% per person for their members.)
Study Mode
18 Hour(s)
3/F Righteous Centre, 585 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon

Course Overview


  • Navisworks 項目審查軟體幫助建築、 工程、 和專業人員全面審查綜合的模型和資料,令項目持份者能更妥善地控制項目的結果。各種集成、 分析和溝通的工具有助團隊協調、 解決衝突,並在施工前計畫或更新項目。
  • BIM 技術日漸成熟,亦漸成業界標準,必需準備充足,以能於激烈的就業市場屹立不倒。
  • 課程由淺入深,全面裝備學員使用 Navisworks 管理及分析 BIM 項目。
  • 使用 AOTC (Autodesk 官方培訓教材),確保課程質素。
  • 學員修畢課程,會獲頒 Autodesk 原廠認可修業證書,為你的實力加上專業肯定。
  • 學員可獲 Autodesk 學生版軟件使用。
  • 學員可獲 網上平台提供課外學習支援。


BIM 為建築設計帶來的優勢之一是高效的分析能力。藉著將 Revit Model 的立體資訊輸出到不同的分析軟件進行分析,我們能在設計早期已預知設計是否可行,或是否符合環保標準,工序流程等。Naviswork 正是其中一款分析工具。Naviswork 的發展日漸完善,可以容納不同的 BIM/CAD 資料融合在 Navsiworks 內,進行不同的分析例如 :

  • 碰撞及干擾管理 (Clash Detection)
  • 4D 工程時間預算模擬 (4D Simulation)
  • 5D 工程資金/物資預算模擬
  • 像真 3D 渲染動畫

我們的課程會以最新的 Navisworks 為教學軟件,指導學員進行上述分析,學習 Navisworks 中的各項功能以發揮 BIM 項目的最大效益。



What You’ll Learn

Getting Started

  • Product Overview
  • Workspace Overview
  • Navigation
  • Opening and Appending Files in Navisworks
  • Saving, Merging, Refreshing, and Publishing Files
  • Selection Tree and Selecting Objects
  • The Autodesk Navisworks Engine
  • Check and Set File Units
  • Setting Selection Resolution and Sorting Structures
  • Merging NWF Files
  • Publish an NWD File

3D Model Review

  • Hiding Objects and Overriding Materials
  • Object Properties Measuring and Moving Objects
  • Selection and Search Sets
  • Viewpoints
  • Comments and Redlining
  • Animations
  • Sectioning
  • Links
  • Comparing Models
  • Switchback
  • Navisworks Real-Time Rendering
  • Working with Animations in Navisworks
  • Setting Lighting and Rendering Options


  • TimeLiner Overview
  • Gantt View
  • Creating Tasks
  • Import Tasks from External Project File
  • TimeLiner Simulation
  • Simulation Control Bar
  • Configuring and Defining a Simulation
  • Simulation Export


  • Animator Overview
  • Creating a Basic Animation
  • Manipulate Geometry Objects inan Animation Set
  • Section Plane Sets


  • Scripter Overview
  • Creating and Managing Scripts
  • Creating and Configuring Events
  • Creating and Configuring Actions


  • Quantification Overview
  • Setting up a Quantification Project
  • Item and Resource Management
  • Model and Virtual Takeoff
  • Managing Takeoff Data
  • Analyzing Changes

Clash Detective

  • Clash Detective Overview
  • Setting Clash Rules
  • Clash Results
  • Clash Test Reporting
  • Working with Clash Tests
  • Audit Checks
  • Export and Import Clash Tests
  • Custom Clash Tests
  • Laser Scan Data Clashing
  • Holding and Releasing Objects
  • SwitchBack in Clash Detective
  • Time-Based Clashing

Autodesk Rendering

  • Autodesk Rendering Overview
  • Adding Materials to a Model
  • Creating and Editing Materials
  • Material Mapping
  • Lighting
  • Sun and Sky Lights
  • Exposure Control
  • Ground Planes
  • Photorealistic Rendering
  • Preparing and Rendering a Model

Presenter Basics

  • Presenter Overview
  • The Presenter Window and Tabbed Panes
  • Presenter Tabs
  • Apply Materials to Model Items
  • Adding Lighting Effects to a Scene
  • Adding Background Effects
  • Outputting Rendered Images
  • Outputting Animations (Videos)

Presenter Advanced Features

  • Editing and Managing Materials
  • Advanced Material Editing
  • Individual Light Effects
  • Light Scattering
  • Image-Based Lighting
  • Environment Backgrounds and ReflectionsCreating Custom Rendering Effects
  • Custom Environments
  • Editing a File for Image-based Lighting
  • Editing a File for a Background Environment
  • Importing Image Files into Presenter
  • RPC (Rich Photorealistic Content)

Data Tools

  • Database Support (Data Tools)
  • About Database Support

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