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Leadership Directions: Coaching in the Workplace

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  • 17 Jun 2024 (Mon)
Registration period
19 Jan 2024 (Fri) - 17 Jun 2024 (Mon)
HKD 2,080
(10% 折扣 為止 2024年06月16日 9:30 HKT)
Course Level
Study Mode
1 Day(s)

Course Overview



Mr. Jimmy Lai, Certified NLP Trainer

Jimmy's professional experience is various and veteran. He specializes in the areas of sales management and training development, especially in the hospitality training development.

As part of a senior management team in various companies in the past years, Jimmy has the capabilities and experience in capturing the whole picture of business operations and connecting all departments to work together with  purposes through leading, innovation, staff development, problem-solving and motivation.

As a certified NLP trainer, Jimmy  is experienced in the delivery of coaching, mentoring and training in both individual and group settings in the areas of communications, teamwork, customer service, leadership, management training, succession planning  and presentation skills for the following industries like telecommunications, education, insurance, and retail.

Jimmy believes in walking the talk, and strives to be authentic, relevant, and practical in his workshops and ethical in his business dealings.

CERTIFICATION (Attendance: 100%):
Delegates who successfully completed the course will be issued a certificate by SGS Hong Kong Limited.

Venue: T.S.T. / Wan Chai / Sheung Wan Training Centre / TBC
Medium: Cantonese supplemented with English materials

*Early Bird Price will be offered to participant whose enrolment is made one month prior to the course or online booking



What You’ll Learn

1 Day Management Training Course

Adapt your coaching style to suit indiviuals and their developmental needs

Use the GROW model to effectively coach your direct reports and give your coaching session shaped

Develop strategies to encourage and support accountability

Use praise and constructive feedback to increase motivation and have a positive impact

Implement simple technqiues to earn and manitain a trusting relationship

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