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Managing Team Performance (vLearn Programme)

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Course Information

  • 30 Jun 2024 (Sun)
Registration period
7 Feb 2024 (Wed) - 30 Jun 2024 (Sun)
HKD 380
Course Level
Study Mode
1 Day(s)
HKPC Building 78 Tat Chee Avenue Kowloon

Course Overview

People are the most valuable assets in an organization. It is a great treasure to have skilful and knowledgeable staffs in your team, therefore managing team performance effectively would be crucial to your business success.

Managing team performance with the correct methods and approaches could ensure your team is proceeding to the correct direction. With the right person in the right place, as a leader of a team, you would need the appropriate skills and mindset to manage and communicate with team members of different characteristics and personalities, which to maintain your team’s morale and motivate your team members to achieve set goals and targets.

Join this programme now to learn all these crucial skills and techniques to enhance your team performance!

Programme Objectives
How to form a high-performance team
How to manage team performance
Learning Outcomes
Establish clear goals
Assign right people using appropriate approach
Manage team proactively

What You’ll Learn

Course Outline
1. Set Goals with Your Team

Translating Key Performance Indicator (KPI) into SMART Goals
2. Put the Right Person in the Right Place

Myers Briggs Type Indicator
3. Manage Different Colleagues with Different Methods

Skill/ Will Matrix
Factors affecting motivation
4. Give Them Correct Feedback

Types of feedback and what to feedback
Growth mindset
Programme Fee

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